Solid Waste & Recycling

What Can I Do?

Sustainability News Photo     Reduce
Reduce the amount of trash you discard by purchasing long-lasting goods, goods with few toxins and items that can be reused.
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Consumer Handbook For Reducing  Waste
Nevada Bureau of Waste Management
EPA Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Sustainability News Photo     Reuse
Find another use for items or donate items to charity to avoid processing for recycling.
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EPA Green Shopping Guide 
EPA Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Sustainability News Photo     Recycle
Participate in recycling programs in your community and learn the top 10 reasons to recycle.
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Recycling in Southern Nevada
Plastic Recycling Code
UNLV Recycling Program
Greener Vegas
Republic Services of Nevada
Pilot - Single Stream Recycling Program
Repurpose America
What is the City Doing?

Sustainability News Photo     Recycling At City Facilities
The City has incorporated single-stream recycling at city facilities and parks to improve the city’s recycling rate. Single-stream recycling is easy: throw all paper, plastics, containers, bottles and cardboard in the blue recycling containers, and throw all food waste and glass into trash bins or dumpsters. More...
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CELEBRATE Employee Program
What Does The City Recycle?
Sustainability News Photo     Using Recycled Products
From recycled paper products for memos to recycled antifreeze for vehicles, city departments are using recycled products for everyday operations.
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City’s Use Of Recycled Products
Sustainability News Photo     Preferred Purchasing Agreement
Under Nevada Revised Statutes, the city may give preference during the bid process to the purchase of recycled products. More...
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Nevada Revised Statute 332.065
Preferred Purchasing Policy
Sustainable Purchasing Report

Contact Information

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Phone: (702) 229-6501

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