Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy

By using alternative fuels and forms of energy and taking advantage of incentives, rebates and tax credits, you can conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What Can I Do?

Sustainability News Photo     Conserve Energy
Small changes in your everyday life can lead to huge savings for your pocketbook and benefit the community.
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Tip Guide
NV Energy Conservation Tips
Southwest Gas Tips
U.S. Dept. of Energy Tips
Sustainability News Photo     Complete A Home Energy Assessment And Upgrade
An energy audit can reduce your utility bills by evaluating the energy efficiency level of your home or business. Audits can be free or low cost.
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HomeFree Nevada
Better Buildings
Energy Star Home Energy Audit
EnergyFit Nevada
US Department of Energy –
          Energy Assessment
          Weatherization Audit
Sustainability News Photo     Use Alternative Energy
Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels by using alternative sources of energy such as solar panels and wind systems.
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Small Wind Energy System Ordinance
Renewable Generations
Solar Ordinance

Sustainability News Photo     Take Advantage Of Incentives, Rebates & Tax Credits
From rebates for old refrigerators to tax exemptions for solar water heating, there are number of ways to get rewarded for using alternative energy.
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Nevada Homeowner Incentives For Renewables And Efficiency
NV Energy Rebates
Southwest Gas Rebates
Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency
What Is The City Doing?

Sustainability News Photo     Sustainable Energy Strategy
In September 2008, the City Council adopted a strategy to help build a more sustainable community by investing in long-term strategies to conserve energy and increase energy from renewable resources. More
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Sustainable Energy City Council Item - Sept. 3, 2008
          Sustainable Energy Strategy Resolution
          Meeting Minutes
          Meeting Video
          Sustainable Energy Strategy Implementation
Sustainable Energy Strategy FY2009 Annual Report
Sustainability News Photo     Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects
In 2009, the city began its implementation campaign of energy capital projects at community facilities by leveraging city funds and  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants (EECBG). To date, the program has consisted of two phases of solar covered parking structures at 25 city owned facilities, building retrofits and streetlight upgrades.

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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects Photo Gallery
Sustainability News Photo     Greening Our City Operations
A major component of the city of Las Vegas Sustainability Initiative is energy conservation. A number of measures and actions have been taken to improve the city’s energy efficiency and thus reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. More...
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Greening of Las Vegas 
Sustainability News Photo     Tracking City Energy Consumption
The city monitors, manages and maintains its utility consumption and costs, including electricity, natural gas, water and fuel for all city facilities, streetlights, wastewater treatment operations and vehicle fleet.
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City Energy Consumption
Sustainability News Photo     Energy Efficient Ordinances And Codes
During December 2009, the City Council adopted the latest version of the International Energy Conservation Code (Ord. #6069), which becomes effective on July 6, 2010.
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International Energy Conservation Code
Small Wind Energy System Ordinance
Sustainability News Photo     Alternative Fuels Program
The city has several new electric vehicles in addition to its hybrid Toyota Priuses and Ford Escapes. Its newest addition is  the Chevy Volt, which is an extended range electric vehicle, and a Nissan Leaf.  The Volt drives around 30 miles all electric and switches to gasoline  when the battery is drained.  The Leaf is an all electric car and can drive up to 90 miles before a charge. More...
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City’s Alternative Fuel Program
Las Vegas Clean Cities Coalition
City Vehicles and Fueling Stations Photo Gallery
Sustainability News Photo     CELEBRATE

CELEBRATE stands for City Employees Lowering Energy By Recycling And Tracking Efficiency.  The CELEBRATE program was created to improve the efficiency of city operations. More...

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