2012 CELEBRATE Employee Activities

2012 CELEBRATE Team of the 2nd Quarter; Field Operations – Streets & Sanitation, Fleet and Rapid Response

The CELEBRATE committee recognizes these divisions as having common leadership, common purpose and the drive to keep our city livable, while paying attention to details like safety, recycling and fiscal responsibility.  We salute this group as an example of how to keep city employees engaged in a simple earth friendly concept and to continue the business of running city operations efficiently and with team spirit.  
STREETS - Streets personnel have found ways to improve and decorate our landscape medians in the roadway with vendor procured and city-built accent pieces that have included various cactus and plant species, as well as adding decorative rock and ground cover.  While these median and trail treatments may  go unnoticed by  drivers’ whizzing by at 45 miles per hour, the reverence for our desert environs is appreciated by residents and visitors who enjoy the sparse beauty and subtle colors of the desert, and these projects have resulted in numerous calls and e-mails of appreciation.  By primarily making these metal decorations with available materials by CLV staff, there are no warranty issues, change orders or recalls on products, like when they are supplied by others.  In addition, the savings enjoyed by the city on water use and power consumption is ongoing, and has lowered our costs for traditional landscape treatments found elsewhere (Note : unless watered by rainfall, natural plant material requires power and water utilities that have continual minimum service charges).
SANITATION –   Work activities completed by the sanitation staff members are critical for the safety and environmental conditions throughout the city.  These continuous efforts ensure that “it,” the sewage, flows downhill rather than out of the manholes and into our streets and neighborhoods.  In the rare instances when a line plugs and there is an overflow, this staff responds quickly to break the obstruction, restore flow and clean the affected area.
Street Sweeping:  Our street sweepers keep up the appearance of our city by making the roadways safe, clean and free from nuisance debris. Anytime a rock damages a windshield, we feel it in our pocketbook, but anytime the roads are clean, we tend to forget what group of city staffers got us to that point.  The Sanitation staff is on the streets making our drive free from nails and screws, cigarette butts and trash.  They keep us shining bright and our residents and visitors reap the benefit.
FLEET – Our city garages were one of the early leaders in the alternative fuels industry in addition to being part of the pilot recycling program.  We see tons of vehicle parts packaged in plastic, cardboard and occasionally involving wood pallets. The mechanics began with a six-yard dumpster that was being filled regularly to be sent off to a recycling facility.  We have since upgraded the dumpsters to larger boxes, that now pays us for materials we collect beyond a minimum threshold, set to cover the hauler and processing costs.  This type of recycling is especially appropriate where staff is motivated, space for containers is available and the recycling volume generated, is significant.   The staff at these garage sites contribute to recycling with materials from vending machines and lunchboxes too.     
RAPID RESPONSE – Quality of life issues in our neighborhoods is a specialty of our rapid response group.  They pick up anything and everything to make the streets and sidewalks safe for residents, address code issues when debris or junk is collected on public and private land, and can repaint over graffiti in the blink of an eye.  As part of their business model, they collect material that can have a second life in the recycling process.  These items include shopping carts, news racks, materials that fall off vehicles and other debris.  

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