2011 CELEBRATE Employee Activities

CELEBRATE Team of the 1st Quarter; Detention and Enforcement recognition

The CELEBRATE committee is proud to announce the first winner of the outstanding recycling award to the Detention Center.  The recycling program at this facility began with paying a private company to pick up the recyclable materials for $500 month.  The program evolved, and James Wulff and other personnel made it their initiative to find ways to turn this negative cashflow into a neutral or positive cashflow. Our current recycler donated 20 totters for the offices, which travel to the several three- yard containers, which end up in the 30-yard dumpsters on the exterior of the facility. The 30-yard dumpsters are serviced once a week, and the city is paid based on the weight and contents of the containers.  Among the most common recycled materials are office paper, plastic, cardboard, wire and tin-steel.  These materials generated $3,200 revenue for the city this year, not including nine months worth of brass shells that amounted to $8,000.  The amount of material recycled and diverted from the landfill amounted to 45,838 lbs. of material, not including the heavy recycled brass. With less trash, the facility was able to reduce their eight trash dumpsters to five! Several energy saving achievements at the detention center include upgrading 1,000 light fixtures, installing light sensors in offices, hand dryers in the lavatory, and water efficient toilets and irrigation for the landscaping.  The city calls this a recycling and conservation success!


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