2007 CELEBRATE Employee Activities

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water bottleIndividual Bottled Water Eliminated - City Manager Action
The City Manger’s Office stopped purchasing bottled water and instead uses sustainable bottles such as the CELEBRATE bottle. Employees purchased CELEBRATE and “Refill Not Landfill” water bottles.  Profits were used to purchase green tags to offset carbon emissions.

The Planning & Development Department launched the first CELEBRATE committee.  Its “Trick My Trash” and a “Funky Gunk” collection drive introduced sustainability to the department staff in a fun, interactive way. The “Trick My Trash” contest challenged employees to decorate paper recycling boxes using recycled materials with the themes of sustainability or recycling.

The “Funky Gunk” collection drive provided employees an opportunity to bring recyclable hazardous materials from home to the Development Services Center for later disposal at the Republic Services Recycling Center.


Charlie Morton drops off  “Funky Gunk.”      

Sustainable Action Plan -  July 2007
CELEBRATE was launched in the Planning & Development Department. It introduced the city’s first “ Sustainable Action Plan  with targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The department identified simple changes such as purchasing paper with 50 percent post consumer content, reducing paper usage by 10 percent in a year and ‘powering down’ personal electronics, computer printers and monitors.

2007 Planning & Development CELEBRATE Committee: Mike Howe, Nathan Goldberg, Paul Grimyser, Tom Perrigo, and John Alabado

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