Green Energy Operations

A major component of the city’s Sustainability Initiative is energy conservation. The following measures and actions have been taken to improve the city’s energy efficiency and thus reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. 

In 2001, the city began changing its lighting practices for public buildings, streetlights, parks and traffic signals by installing more energy efficient technologies (e.g., compact fluorescents and Light Emitted Diodes [LED]). A lifecycle cost analysis determined that the city’s $1.77 million cost to convert was effective for both costs and energy consumption.

The city eliminated mercury vapor lamps and installed energy saving high-pressure sodium lamps.

The city uses light sensors in City Hall, fire stations and recreational facilities.

The conversion from Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) computer monitors to Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitors has resulted in an estimated reduction in power consumption of 2.8 million watts per day.

The Information Technology Department’s “Power Down” program is achieving significant results, saving $31,696 and reducing 240 tons of CO2 emissions annually. More than 800 city employees are contributing to this effort.

Alternative Energy
The Electrical & Utilities Corporation, a training facility for electricians, is adding a 51 foot wind turbine (45 feet tall + plus six feet (building height), six feet wide) to their facility at 620 Leigon Way (140-30-803-012) near Bonanza and Nellis. (Presently roof and parking structure solar arrays.)

The city installed solar-powered crosswalk signals.

The city employs electric-powered Segways for traffic enforcement.

Meetings & Notices
The City Clerk’s office and the Planning and Development Department converted the public hearing notification process from letters and envelopes to a postcard system. Planning and Development is saving $24,000 per year in materials, labor and equipment costs for the Planning Commission meeting mailings.

The City Clerk’s Office and Planning and Development Department converted the use of paper documentation for City Council meetings to electronic Web access, saving the city 2.4 tons of paper in the first year and providing greater access to meeting materials.

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