Climate Protection

Sustainability News Photo     EPA Climate Change

The EPA climate change Web site has four main sections on climate change issues and another section on "What You Can Do" to reduce your contribution.

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U.S. EPA - Climate Change 

What is the City Doing to protect the climate?

Sustainability News Photo     Sustainable Energy Strategy
In September 2008, the City Council adopted a strategy to help build a more sustainable community by investing in long-term strategies to conserve energy and increase energy from renewable resources. More
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Sustainable Energy City Council Item - Sept. 3, 2008
          Sustainable Energy Strategy Resolution
          Meeting Minutes
          Meeting Video
Sustainable Energy Strategy FY2009 Annual Report
Sustainability News Photo     Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction
The city of Las Vegas uses ICLEI’s Clean Air and Climate Protection (CACP) 2009 software to complete our greenhouse gas emissions analysis of city operations.  CACP software serves as a one-stop emissions management tool for calculating and tracking the City’s greenhouse gas emissions and criteria air pollutants associated with electricity, fuel use, and waste disposal.
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Regional Greenhouse Gas Emissions
          2005 Report by Source - Government Operations
          2006 Report by Source - Government Operations
          2007 Report by Source - Government Operations
          2008 Report by Source - Government Operations
          2005 – 2008 Comparison - Government Operations
Sustainability News Photo     Urban Heat Island
Temperatures in Las Vegas are expected to be hot, with summertime temperatures reaching 100 – 120ºF.  Over time, the natural desert landscape is being replaced with hard surfaces such as highways and parking lots that absorb the sun’s rays (heat). The absorbed heat is radiated back from the built environment (pavement & buildings) causing higher temperatures that remain hotter for longer periods of time; this is called the Urban Heat Island.
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Summary Report - Urban Heat Island Effect
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Heat Island Effect
Sustainability News Photo     Climate Protection Resolution (US Conf. of Mayors)

The city of Las Vegas works with businesses, organizations, government agencies and consumers to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change. On Aug. 2, 2006, the City Council signed the Climate Protection Resolution.

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Climate Protection Resolution
meeting minutes, meeting video and staff PowerPoint presentation


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