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Green Shack

Green ShackThe Green Shack, formerly listed on the local and National Register of Historic Places, was located at 2524 Fremont Street, near Eastern Avenue. The building was owned by Mrs. Mattie Jones, who began life as a restaurateur in 1929, selling bootleg whiskey, chicken and biscuits from a window in her home. This was the “Colorado Restaurant," which was located across the street from the former Green Shack. The original building was razed in 1930 and, as the story goes, Ms. Jones moved the restaurant across the street into fine new digs provided by the Union Pacific Railroad Co. in the form of a railroad barracks building. The Green Shack sat vacant from 1999, falling prey to vandalism, theft, and structural deterioration, until it was finally demolished in 2005 to make way for a proposed banquet hall. So far, nothing has been constructed on the site.

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