June 2006 

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Be Safe This Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July can be a time for picnics and activities in the pool, but it can also be a potentially dangerous time if fireworks aren’t used properly.

Beginning on Wednesday, June 28, “Safe ‘n Sane” fireworks will go on sale at approved booths throughout the county. Fireworks marked with the “Safe ‘n Sane” designation are the only fireworks legally allowed in the county. Use of these fireworks is allowed only until midnight on July 4. After that time, use of any fireworks, including “Safe ‘n Sane,” is illegal.

By adhering to the following safety precautions, you can ensure a fun and safe experience with fireworks:

• Read and follow all instructions listed on the fireworks.
• Use fireworks in approved, open, flat areas. Fireworks are not permitted in parks, city, county or state property, and federal property including Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston.
• Have a bucket of water and garden hose nearby in case of a fire.
• Supervise children closely around fireworks. Only adults should light fireworks.
• Do not use fireworks around flammable materials such as grass, trees or bushes.
• Carefully discard used fireworks and “duds,” those that do not ignite. Pick these up with a shovel and drop them into a bucket of water. Allow them to soak overnight before discarding.
• If a person’s clothes catch on fire, that person should stop, drop and roll. Immediately seek medical help by calling 9-1-1.

For further information, visit the National Council on Fireworks Safety Web site .

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