June 2006 

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Stay Safe And Healthy This Summer

With valley temperatures now frequently passing the century mark, it’s a good time to be reminded of safety precautions for the desert climate. By following the simple tips listed below, you can stay safe and cool this summer.

• Wear plenty of sunscreen.
• Drink plenty of fresh water, eat light meals and limit intake of alcoholic beverages.
• Wear a hat and sunglasses.
• Wear loose-fitting, light clothing.
• Do not leave children or pets in vehicles for any length of time.
• Try to limit outdoor exposure. When planning for outside activity, schedule trips for the earlier and later parts of the day.
• Check on elderly people who may be homebound.
• Look for signs of heat stroke and exhaustion including nausea, dizziness, fatigue and muscle cramps.

For more information, visit the Southern Nevada Health District’s Web site 

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