Speed Hump Program

Speed Hump Program
The city of Las Vegas is committed to preserving neighborhood integrity. One of the issues in the maintenance of livable communities is traffic and the need to minimize non-essential vehicular traffic on residential streets and ensure that those vehicles using those streets do so at an appropriate rate of speed.  A technique that has been used successfully to manage this situation is the installation of speed humps.

The information below outlines the procedure for requesting a speed hump and the minimum criteria for approving the installation of a speed hump.

1.0 Administrative Procedures
1. A Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) project includes the issues of excessive speeds, and the traffic engineer finds that speed hump installation may be appropriate.
2. Staff evaluates the site based on minimum criteria. Evaluation would include recommended location on both the requested street and adjacent streets where installation may be required to mitigate the impact of installation.
3. Following the procedures contained in the NTMP, public comments and approval are received.
4. Action by City Council to approve installation.

2.0 Minimum Criteria
1. Street speed limit must be 25 mph.
2. 85th percentile speed must be greater than 35 mph.
3. Minimum average daily traffic volumes must be at least 800 vehicles.
4. Street is not classified higher than neighborhood collector, with no more than 1 lane in each direction.
5. Installation location must be visible from 200 feet.
6. Street grade cannot be higher than 8%.
7. Street cannot be a major emergency response route (as designated by Fire Services).
8. Speed hump installation should not cause excessive diversion of traffic to other residential streets.
9. Street cannot be a Citizens Area Transit (CAT) bus route.

Any citizen or neighborhood association may request consideration for installation of speed humps by submitting a written petition with signatures from residents of at least 10 homes along that street. The petition should be mailed to:

  City Traffic Engineer
  City of Las Vegas
  400 Stewart Avenue
  Las Vegas, Nevada  89101

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