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Celebrating 30 Years of Teamwork, Company Pride, and Corporate Wellness

Corporate Challenge

Why you should join Corporate Challenge!

For 30 years, Corporate Challenge has been a healthy way for local companies and their employees to stay active in the community while adding a social component for those that want to sit on the sidelines and cheer on their colleagues. As a staple of the amateur athletic community in the valley, now more than ever, in these uncertain and challenging times, employees need the opportunity for unity, togetherness, and camaraderie. Corporate Challenge promotes, enables, and supports teamwork, company pride, and corporate wellness. Some of today’s most successful companies understand the real business benefits of being involved in corporate activities from an organizational perspective. Well-structured events are an excellent way to encourage initiative, reward the commitment of key staff, improve moral, inspire cooperation and team spirit, and supercharge future performance.

Corporate Challenge brings the spirit of the Olympics to a local and more intimate playing field. We offer 41 different events throughout the Las Vegas valley during a 11- week span of time. Events begin the first week of March 2015 and continue through the end of May 2015. We offer events such as basketball, bocce, golf, poker, tennis, softball, and volleyball. Companies are divided into one of three categories, depending on the number of employees. We do this to equal out the playing field and make competition more appealing and fair.

In addition to the many benefits it has for employees, it can also be used as a cost-effective marketing tool to promote your company and garner business. Throughout the 11 weeks of competition, more than 20,000 players and spectators are repeatedly exposed to company names and logos as well as witness team spirit and sportsmanship. Each company that participates designs individual team shirts to wear. This is great exposure to market  your company. Your logo will be seen at 41 different events and venues. In addition, your company name will be displayed on the canopy of lights at Fremont Street Experience during Opening Ceremonies and mentioned throughout various event publications. Now more than ever, our businesses, our teams, and our citizens need healthy activities to share.

If you want to set up a meeting to further discuss the benefits of this program or for more information, please contact Andrea Anzalone, Corporate Challenge Coordinator, at (702) 229-6706.

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