Parking Enforcement

The Parking Enforcement Unit enforces all vehicular non-moving violations established by city ordinances . Officers have the responsibility of ensuring an orderly traffic flow in the downtown area and maximizing the utilization of parking spaces for the public, tourists and business owners and vendors. Officers assigned to enforce fire lane violations work with private property owners, shopping centers and apartment complexes to ensure fire lanes and handicap spaces remain available for specific needs.

Hand Held Enforcement Computers
Parking Enforcement Officers utilize Autocites, hand held computers, for issuance of parking tickets. This gives officers the ability to:

  • Issue computer generated tickets in a time efficient manner.
  • Allow the Hearings Office to view files.
  • Eliminate storage of handwritten ticket forms and manual data entry.
  • Generate computerized daily activity logs.

Electronic Parking Meters
New electronic parking meters allow for a computerized method of tracking revenue collected from each meter. Hours of operation and rates can now be programmed in the field. 

A Cash Key Program was implemented which allows patrons to pay parking meters through a debit system. The Cash Key is a preprogrammed electronic key, which can be inserted into a meter in place of coins.  Each time the key is inserted, $.25 worth of time is registered on to the meter and deducted from the value balance of the key. Credits of up to $600 can be assessed to the key. The existing key can be reprogrammed as the balance diminishes. 

New Types of Enforcement Vehicles Investigated
The Parking Enforcement Unit has incorporated alternative fuel vehicles into its fleet in an effort to reduce air pollution and fuel costs. Currently, Toyota hybrid vehicles, "ZAP" bicycles with electric assist motors and standard mountain bikes are available for officers' use. Officers using bicycles are certified by the Law Enforcement Bicycle Association.

The Toyota Prius sedans have successfully reduced fuel costs and, as an added bonus, have resulted in fewer vehicle breakdowns. The use of bicycles for enforcement has also proven beneficial in congested areas, special events and downtown. The Parking Enforcement Unit will continue to investigate alternative modes of transportation in an on-going effort to improve air quality and reduce vehicle expenses.

Handicap Parking
The Parking Enforcement Unit and volunteers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department   enforce all properly posted handicap accessible parking spaces on both public and private property within the city limits. Any vehicle parking in a posted space must display a valid license plate or permit issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles .

Any questions regarding the enforcement of handicap accessible parking spaces or the proper posting of spaces may be directed to the Parking Enforcement Unit at (702) 229-6431.

For handicap license plate or permit information, contact the State of Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles .

Contact Information

Parking Tickets & Hearings
500 S. Main Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone: (702) 229-4700
TTY: (702) 386-9108
Fax: (702) 382-2309


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