Neighborhood Meeting – March 28, 2012

The city of Las Vegas and the Department of Transportation held its 6th neighborhood meeting on F Street on March 28, 2012. The goal of the meeting was to receive input from the community on the artwork that was been created by the architects for the F Street panels. People, places and things that residents identified as being significant to the area were chosen in a previous design workshop in November 2011. 

While 14 murals were created, there is only room for 12 murals under F Street. In order to get input from the community on which murals should be installed, and in what order, Atkins walked those in attendance through a process where they could pick and rank their favorites using a remote. Results were available immediately.

The first question asked which the public preferred between two panels that depicted historical photos of the Westside neighborhood from 1943. The second question asked which option residents preferred between two panels that depicted landmarks of the Carver House, New Town Tavern and Sugar Hill. The next question asked residents to rank the seven panels, with the number 1 being their favorite. The last question asked residents to rank the seven aesthetic features that had been shown in previous renderings. The final budget will determine how many of these elements are incorporated into the project.

Since the neighborhood meeting, there have been several suggestions made relating to the content of the panels. Based on that feedback, several changes were made, specifically to panels 3, 9 and 6.

• On Slide 3, which showed significant figures in both civil rights and politics, we heard some concerns from the State Historic Preservation Office that the panel does not meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards because the intent of the panels is to provide historical information.  As a result, and as not to delay the project, the picture of Cm. Barlow was removed.

• On Slide 6, Atkins added Pearl Bailey to the panel with the entertainers, in order to get more female representation.

•  On Slide 9, Atkins covered up the legs of the showgirls.

 You can view the updated version of these panels by clicking on the link below.

View the Polling Results
View the Panels In Order of Preference
View the Updated Graphic Tile Artwork
View The Final Graphic Tile Artwork (12-12-12) 

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