January 18, 2012 

Happy New Year!  To help make this year a safe and healthy one for you and your family, I am sharing some information, resources, and activities that are available in and around Ward 1 as well as online through our local agencies.

Many people set New Year's resolutions, whether it is spending more time with family or improving their health.  As a board member of the Southern Nevada Health District and Regional Transportation Commission (RTC), I learn of many wonderful programs that are available to our residents.  These articles may help you get started in fulfilling your resolutions for this year.
The Ward 1 Council office will be moving to the new City Hall in February.  The new City Hall is located at 495 S. Main St. between Main and First streets and Lewis and Clark avenues. Parking will be available in a new parking garage that is currently under construction right across the street at 500 S. Main St.

The new city hall will be home to the:

  • City Council Chambers
  • Mayor's Office
  • City Council Offices
  • City Manager's Office
  • City Attorney's Office
  • City Clerk's Office
  • Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services Department
  • Finance Department
  • Human Resources Department
  • Economic and Urban Development Department
  • Office of Cultural Affairs
  • KCLV-TV 2

The city of Las Vegas is scheduled to move into its new City Hall Feb. 16-26, 2012. The first City Council meeting at the new City Hall is tentatively scheduled for March 7, 2012.  To stay abreast of the move schedule, you can check the city's website.

The city of Las Vegas Department of Planning will be holding a public meeting to discuss the "Meadows Walkable Community Plan" on Wednesday, Jan. 25, at 6 p.m. at the Hyde Park Middle School Library at 900 Hinson St.  The approximate plan boundaries are U.S. 95, Charleston Boulevard, Valley View Boulevard, and Decatur Boulevard. 

The "Meadows Walkable Community Plan" assesses the ability of residents to walk to essential services and activities easily, safely and comfortably and provides recommendations for physical improvements, such as crosswalks, completed sidewalks and adding shade trees along sidewalks.  The plan does not change the zoning or land use designations of properties.  The purpose of the meeting is to present the draft plan to residents and business owners within the plan area.  More information is available online.

The RTC is hosting clinics designed to teach cyclists about bicycle maintenance and safety. The free clinics will take place at the bike center at the Bonneville Transit Center, which is located at 101 E. Bonneville Ave.  The following clinics are scheduled:

  • Drive Train on Wednesday, Jan. 18, from 6 to 7 p.m. 
  • Wheels and Brakes on Saturday, Jan. 21, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.
  • Saddle Choice on Wednesday, Jan. 25, from 6 to 7 p.m.
  • How to Change a Flat Tire on Saturday, Jan. 28, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.

For more information about a specific clinic, please call 676-1915.

The RTC is informing residents of a new law that drivers need to heed while on the road.  As of Oct. 1, 2011, drivers passing someone riding a bicycle on the road must now give at least three feet of space between the car and the cyclist.  There is no warning period with the three-foot law.  If drivers get too close to a cyclist on the road, they can be pulled over and cited or fined.

Specifically, the law states that if there is more than one lane for traffic proceeding in the same direction, drivers should move to the lane to the immediate left, if the lane is available and moving into the lane is reasonably safe.  Or, if there is only one lane for traffic proceeding in the same direction, drivers should pass to the left of the bicycle or electric bike at a safe distance that is not less than 3 feet between the vehicle and the bicycle. 

Bicyclists are reminded that they need to obey traffic laws as well, including staying in bike lanes, stopping at stop signs and traffic lights, and properly using arm signals when turning.

Pruning Workshops
The Springs Preserve is offering two-hour workshops on how to prune to train, maintain and improve growth in your plants.  Admission is $10 for members and $15 for non-members.  No reservations are required.  The following workshops are scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at the Springs Preserve activity center:

  • Jan. 21-22: Roses
  • Jan. 28-29: Ornamental Shrubs

Space:  A Journey to Our Future Jan. 29-May 13
Touch a lunar sample, step onto the "Moon Scale," take a spin in a centrifuge and create your own mission to Mars!  "Space:  A Journey to Our Future" launches you into the future of space exploration. It's an out-of-this-world, interactive experience, and it's exclusively at the Springs Preserve for a limited engagement.

"Space" has thrilled visitors at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and many of the nation's premier science centers. Inspire the explorer within you and dream of the possibilities that lie ahead – in space!  This exhibit is produced by Evergreen Exhibitions in collaboration with NASA, and made possible in part by General Motors and Lockheed Martin.

The exhibit is located in the Springs Preserve Origen Museum.  The exhibit is free for members or included with paid general admission.  No reservations are required.

Feb. 18, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., the Outside Las Vegas Foundation will coordinate a city-wide trail and park clean-up day. Volunteers will clean the Bonanza Trail (U.S. 95 at Jones), the Las Vegas Wash Trail (Washington at Lamb), and the Justice Myron E. Leavitt Family Park (St. Louis at Eastern).

The day is being organized through the cooperative efforts of the city of Las Vegas, the Outside Las Vegas Foundation and the United Methodist Church. The church will be holding a district young adult conference over this weekend and the clean-up is part of their programming. The Outside Las Vegas Foundation has been challenged to recruit a matching number (150) of volunteers from their partners and network.

The main goal of the day is to clean the trails and parks before the spring season and get the community out to meet each other. The church is hosting an external website where volunteers can register and choose which site they want to join. The Outside Las Vegas Foundation is providing supplies, tools and snacks, and has already received a donation to cover the cost of a T-shirt for all participants. 

KZ Portraits Photography Studio celebrated its grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony Jan. 5.  The studio is located at 6332 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 110.  More information about the business can be found on its website or by calling at 463-2220.

Cooking Club – Football Finger Foods
(ages 50+)
Tuesday, Jan. 24, 11:30 a.m.
Cost: $5, includes recipe book, hands-on instruction and samples to take home.
Lieburn Senior Center, 6230 Garwood Ave., 229-1600.
Make an assortment of finger foods to enjoy not only during football games, but any time of the year. Advance registration required.

Lieburn Lecture Series:  Life Sentry Pendant (ages 50+)
Tuesday, Jan. 24, 1 p.m.
Free admission.
Lieburn Senior Center, 6230 Garwood Ave., 229-1600.
A representative from Life Sentry will explain and demonstrate how the pendant works. Bring your questions. Advance registration required. Call 229-1600 to register.

Laura Taylor Band in Concert (all ages)
Saturday Jan. 28, 2 p.m.
Tickets: $10 in advance, $15 event day.
Charleston Heights Arts Center, 800 S. Brush St., 229-6383.
Songstress, pianist and songwriter Laura Taylor enchants audiences with her silky vocals and extraordinary range. To purchase tickets or for more information, go online or call 229-6383.

Lieburn Lecture Series: Seniors Helping Seniors (ages 50+)
Tuesday, Feb. 7, 1 p.m.
Free admission.
Lieburn Senior Center, 6230 Garwood Ave., 229-1600.
Bring your questions on how to check for weatherization of your house. Advance registration required. Call 229-1600 to register.

Daddy/Daughter Dance (all ages)
Saturday, Feb.  11, 6 to 8 p.m.
Cost: $25 per couple; $5 for each additional child.
Mirabelli Community Center, 6200 Hargrove Ave., 229-6359.
Daddies and daughters are invited to enjoy dancing, appetizers and pictures. This is a dress-up event. Please register by Friday, Jan. 27.

Valentine’s Dance with the Gene White Octet (all ages)
Saturday, Feb. 11, 7 p.m.
Tickets: $10 in advance, $15 on event day.
Charleston Heights Arts Center Ballroom, 800 S. Brush St., 229-6383.
Dance the evening away with big band music by the Gene White Octet and vocal group the Swing Patrol. Step back to a sweeter time when big band swing was the thing and romance was the theme. Enjoy dancing to the songs from music's "Golden Age." An evening of fun dancing to great tunes made famous by the bands of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey and Benny Goodman, romantic standards from the '50s and '60s, cha-chas, tangos, and more. To purchase tickets or for more information, call 229-6383 or go online.

The city of Las Vegas posts meeting agendas online for City Council, Planning Commission, and other boards.  The agendas include the back-up materials.  You also may access audio and/or video recordings online in the days following the meeting.  To view the City Council agenda for January, please click here

Ward 1 residents are encouraged to apply for city of Las Vegas boards and commissions.  It is a wonderful opportunity to utilize your talents and expertise towards the betterment of Las Vegas.  A full listing of the boards and commissions can be found on the city's website.  A link to the interest form is also on the site.  For more information, please contact the Ward 1 Council Office at 229-6405. 

Councilwoman Tarkanian, the Bolden Area Command, and Clark High School hosted the annual KEEN Holiday Celebration Dec. 15.  KEEN is a coalition of government entities, nonprofits, and apartment complexes in the Clark High School area.  The event provides entertainment and toys to low-income families so they can enjoy the holidays with their families.  More than 150 children received a gift this year.  Student clubs and choirs from Clark High School and Cashman Middle School generously provided entertainment.  Councilwoman Tarkanian thanks Siegel Suites, the Pine Village Apartments, the United Way Women's Leadership Council, and the U.S. Marines Toys 4 Tots program for sponsoring the event. 

‘Tis the Season…
Every year, many people say, "OMG, it's the first of the year and I resolve to . . . eat better, exercise more, stay on my diet, quit smoking, get physically fit, lose 20 pounds, become a vegetarian, be an 'outdoorsman'  . . . basically be a better me by next December." The gyms that are filled to capacity in mid-January are often empty by mid-February. Too many resolutions are made with good intentions but unrealistic goals. The Southern Nevada Health District's Office of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion's website offers online programs and challenges to guide people through their resolutions so they have a real chance of success. For information on any of the Health District's online programs visit www.gethealthyclarkcounty.org or www.snhd.info.

10 in 10 Challenge
Ten pounds in 10 weeks – really?  The Health District will launch its fourth annual free 10 in 10 Challenge Monday, Feb. 6. The online program helps participants cut calories and increase daily caloric burn.  Sign-ups begin Monday, Jan. 23.  The 10 in 10 Challenge also is available in Spanish.  Each week, participants receive two e-mails with tips and suggestions about how to swap foods they eat regularly with healthier, less calorie-dense choices, as well as ways to increase their physical activity. Participants can track their progress online and set short- and long-term goals. In addition, they can post quotes or photos to help them stay motivated and achieve their goals. Participants can also share their ideas and thoughts or ask questions via the “Get Healthy” blog on the website.

Nutrition Challenge
The Nutrition Challenge is an eight-week online program that helps participants eat more fruits and vegetables. Each week, everyone who has signed on to participate receives information about healthy recipes, snacking tips and food labels.  The Nutrition Challenge also is available in Spanish.

Kids Challenge
The Kids Challenge is an online game for kids to learn how to make better choices.  The goal is to encourage children to eat six servings of fruits and vegetables each day and to engage in 60 minutes of physical activity daily. The online game is easy to understand and provides achievable goals for kids so they can see success.

Get Healthy Meal Planner
Get Healthy Meal Planner is a personalized program that helps participants incorporate their favorite foods into a healthy meal plan. The interactive report card grades the menu to see if it meets an individual's goals or nutritional requirements and then makes suggestions to improve the meal.

Walk Around Nevada
The Walk Around Nevada program helps participants track their physical activity as they trek around the state and clock in 1,442 miles. Anyone can sign up for this free online program and start a tour of Nevada. They can track their mileage as they log in the number of steps or miles they've completed and a red line will mark their tour of the state. Three maps allow participants to see various sites around the state and learn some tidbits of information about them. At each site, tips about staying hydrated, stretching, and healthful hiking basics are also included. Walk Around Nevada maps include the entire state, a Lake Mead map, and a Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake map.

Neon to Nature
Launched in November, the Neon to Nature online tool helps locals and visitors locate walking and hiking trails throughout the area. The interactive site is available by visiting www.gethealthyclarkcounty.org. The program highlights Southern Nevada's more than 600 miles of rural and urban, off-street trails. Visitors to the site can search for trails based on difficulty, terrain, or location. Detailed information about each trail is provided, such its location and length, the surface type, its level of difficulty, photos, and any of the trail's associated amenities. The Health District also is working to make Neon to Nature a more interactive site and link up with its Walk Around Nevada program as well as allow participants to keep track of their favorite trails or even post photos.

"Every January, resolutions to lose weight or get back into shape are made with very good intentions. People say, 'I’m going to work out every day,' for example. But because they set unrealistic goals or they don't see results, they abandon their good intentions," said Deborah Williams, manager of the Office of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.  "Our online programs are simple to follow.  They are free and they help participants make reasonable and small adjustments to their diet and fitness routines so they actually see success."

Additionally, there is a program where a health educator/registered dietitian can provide group tours around a local grocery store to help shoppers make smarter choices while they're food shopping. Videos also are available on the Health District's YouTube channel. The Health District's Get Healthy Clark County site also includes information and tips to quit smoking and live tobacco-free, assess disease risks, and injury prevention information.

Updated information about the Southern Nevada Health District can be found on Facebook, on YouTube  
or Twitter. The Health District now is available in Spanish on Twitter. Don't have a Twitter account? Follow the Health District on your phone by texting "follow SNHDinfo" to 40404.

When you apply for a loyal customer card at a store like Von's, Smith's and the like, make sure that you accurately fill in all of the information on the application.  While the cards are used for tracking purchases and advertising, some also are used nationally to alert people of tainted products that may have been purchased at the store.  Stores that participate in this program say it is the fastest, most efficient way to notify people of tainted products.  If your card application was not filled out accurately, you may ask for a new application and card.  It's a way to stay safe. 

There have been a series of auto-pedestrian accidents over the last few months reminding us just how dangerous our roads can be. Safety is a shared responsibility for all road users including drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. The RTC is sharing the following tips to improve road safety for everyone. 

Pedestrian Safety Tips 

  • Always cross the street at a signalized intersection or at a marked crosswalk. 
  • Dress to be seen. Brightly-colored clothes and reflective material at night make it easier for drivers to see you. 
  • Always walk on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk and you have to walk in the road, always walk facing traffic, so you can see oncoming cars. 
  • Do not assume drivers see you. Make eye contact. 
  • Stop at the curb or the edge of the road.  

Bicycle Safety Tips  

  • Don't ride against traffic. Ride with traffic, in the same direction Use the right lane and obey traffic signals and stop signs. 
  • Make your intentions clear to motorists and other road users. Ride in a straight line and don’t swerve between parked cars. 
  • Signal your intention to turn, and pay attention to cars and pedestrians. 
  • Ride where drivers can see you; wear bright clothing. Use front and rear lights, and make eye contact with drivers.  

Motorist Safety Tips

  • Stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. 
  • Slow down and obey the posted speed limit. 
  • Be careful when passing stopped vehicles. 
  • Allow three feet of clearance when passing bicyclists.

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