December 15, 2011 

Councilman Barlow Selected To Attend World Summit of Mayors Annual Conference in The Republic of Senegal
I am truly honored to have been invited to attend the World Summit of Mayors Annual Conference taking place this weekend in Africa. I will be representing the state of Nevada at this conference. 
His Excellency, President Abdoulaye Wade, and the Republic of Senegal, will host this year's conference Dec. 15-19. The National Conference of Black Mayors, World Conference of Mayors and The United Nations are sponsoring a delegation of 250 local government leaders throughout Africa and the African diaspora to travel to Dakar, Senegal, for the conference, to continue the relationship being built between African-American mayors and the Senegalese mayors. While mayors from throughout the United States are attending, I am the only city council member from the United States expected to attend. The conference sponsors and the President of Senegal are covering all costs of my trip, including travel and accommodations.
I will be joining mayors from around the United States at this prestigious conference. We are all facing similar challenges in our communities, and by working to address the issues, we will be able to improve our world.
The World Summit of Mayors Annual Conference serves as a catalyst for bringing together leaders from around the world for the purpose of networking and obtaining information on the latest policies and strategies for enhancing municipal government. This conference, with the theme "Global Vision for the Empowerment of Global Work," will include informative workshop modules, best practice sessions, country reports and roundtable discussions around vital issues affecting the functioning of local government.
The World Conference of Mayors, Inc. (WCM), founded and organized in April 1984, is a non-profit, non-political worldwide conference, comprised of mayors, former mayors and other elected and appointed local public officials. The fundamental goals of the WCM are trust; trade; tourism; technology; treasury; training and twin-city programs and services between mayors, cities and other local public officials and jurisdictions around the world. The primary functions of the WCM are to collaborate, stimulate and support positive and constructive relations between mayors and other local public officials internationally, based on interlocking interests and concerns.

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