April 26, 2011 

Thank you to all of you who attended last night's meeting regarding the Historic Westside School master plan. We got a lot of great feedback from you on which amenities and uses you would like to see be part of the campus. Our consultant, KME Architects, will use your feedback to create several options that we will present to the community in the coming months.

I wanted to make you aware of an event for the alumni of the Historic Westside School. The Westside School Alumni Foundation (WSAF) is hosting  the Westside School Alumni Reunion on Saturday, April 30, at the Wendell Williams Elementary School (formerly Madison School) at 1030 N. J St., beginning at 3 p.m.

Reserved seating is required due to the maximum capacity of the venue. A $25 reservation fee includes food, T-shirt and WSAF membership. To secure your place at the reunion, call 489-3637, or e-mail wssalumnifoundation@gmail.com.

As alumni, you have an opportunity to help write your own history for the archives. The foundation is preparing a book entitled "Our Stories," which is funded in part by the Las Vegas Centennial Committee. "Our Stories" will be a compilation of stories from the alumni. In addition to your stories/recollections, the book will include your era photos. The foundation needs your photos, and stories/experiences while attending the school. All photos will be scanned onsite at the reunion.

For more information on the event, go online.

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