March 1, 2011 

Plans are moving ahead for the reopening of F Street. At tomorrow's City Council meeting, the members will vote on a contract with PBS&J Corporation to complete the design for the project. PBS&J had previously been tasked with completing 30 percent of the design. The item on tomorrow's council agenda would complete the final design.

On Dec. 13, 2010, community stakeholders got a firsthand look at the 30 percent design of the F Street connection. Stakeholders also had the opportunity to weigh in on colors and other aesthetic elements. The selected design will see F Street made into a two-lane road under U.S. 95, with the potential for expansion to four lanes. The design team is currently finalizing the preliminary plans for F Street and will begin work on the final design this spring. The city will be conducting additional outreach in early 2011 to receive input from the community on the interpretive panels that will be designed inside the tunnel.

The project is anticipated to be advertised for construction early 2012.

Nevada Assembly Bill 304, passed in June 2009, requires the city of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada to cooperate to fund and bring about the approval, design and construction of the project to reopen F Street. The bill calls for the city to use redevelopment funds of up to $2.5 million for the design phase. The bill further spells out that the city leverage its share of the county special 5-cent ad valorem capital project tax to provide up to $20 million in funding to reopen F Street.

More information on the F Street project is available online or visit the Facebook page.


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