Securing Firearms In A Residence

Ward 4 Crime Prevention Notice

The crime of residential burglary can occur at any time during a home owner’s absence.   More and more criminals are finding and stealing firearms (handguns) when burglarizing homes.   While all property belonging to a home owner is important the fact that firearms (handguns) can be easily found and removed during a burglary is of particular danger. 

The following are crime prevention considerations regarding securing a firearm in the home:
• Understand that residential burglary occurs many times during the day hours.   Criminals find empty homes and neighborhoods due to people being at work, running errands, etc.   Fewer potential witnesses provide a better opportunity for the criminal.
• Homeowners should make sure that any firearm they own has been obtained / purchased legally and is registered in accordance with state laws.
• Firearms are a targeted item of theft during a residential burglary.  Obtaining a firearm may be the main motive of the burglar.
• Homeowners should store firearms in a manner consistent with safety and theft prevention.
• Common places of risk that homeowners keep firearms include the master bedroom night stands, dresser drawers, under the mattress, or in a closet.  Other places of storage in a home may be of individual preference to the homeowner usually based upon their anticipation of needing to retrieve their firearm in a dangerous or threatening situation. 
• Gun safes or other safe firearm storage options should be implemented by the homeowner.  Visit a gun store of gun safe showroom to learn your options. 
• Trigger locks should be present on all firearms.
• Firearms that are easily accessible to the homeowner are easily accessible to the burglar. Burglars know the common hiding spots and will take the time to toss the house to locate the firearm if they want it bad enough.
• Unsecured firearms fall into the hands of the criminal and pose a threat to the homeowner if they come home and interrupt the burglary.  Stolen firearms end up on the street and in the hands of criminals who use them to commit a variety of other crimes.  SECURE YOUR FIREARMS!

Information provided by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Northwest Area Command / Crime Prevention