Strategic Business Plans

Performance Plus - Managing for Results

In 2007, the city management team under the guidance of the City Council launched a new performance management initiative in an effort to increase transparency and accountability in the way the city of Las Vegas conducts business.  The initiative entitled, “Performance Plus – Managing for Results” is a standardized performance management system and is linked to the city’s budgeting process. Each year departments update strategic business plans that are organized by program. Each program measures the benefit customers experience as a consequence of receiving the program’s services. Collecting and evaluating performance measures in strategic business plans plays a significant role in each department’s decision making by illuminating how well targets are achieved.  The end result is that the city improves program efficiency and effectiveness, which in turn, provides better results for citizens.

Fiscal Year 2014 Strategic Business Plans

Administrative Services
Building and Safety
City Clerk
Detention and Enforcement
Economic and Urban Development
Fire and Rescue
Human Resources
Information Technologies
Municipal Court
Operations and Maintenance
Office of Cultural Affairs
Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services
Planning and Development
Public Works

The city utilized Weidner, Inc. to roll out its performance management system. A case study outlining the city's work can be found on Weidner’s website

Contact Information

Finance Department
Office of Performance Management
City Hall
495 S. Main St.
Las Vegas, NV 89101 (Map)

Phone: (702) 229-5918

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