Homeless Education


Thousands of homeless individuals and families can be found on the streets, in parks and other locations throughout the city of Las Vegas on any given day.Several factors have affected the increase in the incidence of homelessness despite the efforts of local government, service providers, the faith based community and advocates:

  • Dwindling employment opportunities for people with a high school education or less are contributing to the widening gap between rich and poor;
  • The supply of treatment and mental health services does not meet the community need;
  • Housing has become scarcer in recent years for those with little money, and earnings from employment have not kept pace with rapidly rising costs. As families struggle to survive, the services needed to maintain stable lives become ever more difficult for the poorest citizens to afford, resulting in growing pressure on cities, counties and states to service increasing populations in need.
  • According to the 2007 United Way Community Assessment, affordable housing, financial stability, health care and mental health are major concerns of planners and citizens alike. Their findings explain why people are at risk for homelessness in an environment defined by skyrocketing land and home prices, a record setting number of people losing their homes due to foreclosures, a decline in affordable apartments and a lack of subsidized housing for those who need assistance.

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