May 14, 2010 

In an effort to provide you with more timely information, the city is offering several new ways for you to hear about city events and services. These new methods will replace Net News from now on, so you no longer have to wait to hear from the city once a month. As you have been reading in past issues, the city has developed better ways to provide you with up-to-the minute information online through Facebook, Twitter, or through ward e-newsletters. Get your information straight from the source by signing up via Facebook on the official city of Las Vegas Facebook page. You can also sign up to receive short, timely information from the city via Twitter.

If you want information more specific to where you live, sign up for the e-newsletter for your ward. You can find out which ward you live in by visiting the city's Web site. These online options to get city news are an interactive way to get the latest information. We hope these new methods will provide you with more up-to-date information and we appreciate you being such loyal readers of Net News!


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