May 11, 2010 

The city of Las Vegas suffered a tremendous loss on May 10, 2010, with the passing of Reverend Jesse Scott. Reverend Scott was a true leader in all senses and he fought for social justice, equality, civil rights and argued for principles of fairness and justice for all.

Reverend Scott dedicated his time as an executive with the NAACP for many years to ensure that communities had opportunities for minority employment and better living and working conditions. His voice was well respected and was heard across the United States as he labored to bring about a significant change. Many have benefited from the fruits of his labor.

Reverend Scott promoted higher education for youth in order that they will be productive and competitive in today's challenging job market. He knew education was the driving force and he let his voice be heard many times over for obtainable education for minorities.

Reverend Scott was steadfast in his calling to be a leader. His faith in God and his humanitarian spirit will be in our hearts forever. Reverend Scott was a true soldier and his life was not in vain. His legacy will outlive the 90 years he had on this earth. I offer my sincerest sympathy to his family, the NAACP and to the residents in the Las Vegas community.

-- Councilman Barlow