For information relating to current balances, payoff amounts, interest statements, foreclosure sales and all other questions concerning assessments, please call Assessment Management Group (AMG) at (702) 796-0082 or visit them online at

In 2004, Special Improvement District No. 607 (Providence) was created. The District was formed for the purpose of acquiring and improving streets, sanitary sewer, water, storm sewer and water mains. The cost of the project was financed with $51,187,785 of bonds which are to be paid by special assessment, according to benefits levied against the benefited lots, tracts and parcels of land in the District.

Semi-Annual special assessment payments are due on April 1 and October 1 of each year through April 1, 2024.  A Semi-Annual billing will be mailed to each owner thirty days prior to the due dates. All billings are mailed to the current owner on file at the Clark County Assessor’s Office. It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain a current and correct address at the Clark County Assessor’s Office. The city will not mail bills to mortgage companies. Mortgage companies hire tax services to report SID and property tax information to them. Some mortgage companies will pay the assessment prior to the city mailing the bill. In this case, your bill will indicate the semi-annual installment charge, any payment received, and the current amount due. If your mortgage company paid your assessment installment by error, or failed to pay your assessment installment, please contact your mortgage company.

For new mortgages that originate during a billing period it is possible that both the homeowner and the mortgage company will submit an assessment payment. Typically any overpayment will be applied as a credit toward the next semi-annual installment. To request a refund in lieu of an account credit contact AMG.

Currently there is a fifteen-day grace period for homeowner’s that is only available in the first delinquent month. After the due date, a delinquent bill is mailed. The late penalty will be removed for any payment received before or postmarked on or prior to the fifteenth. After the fifteenth the City will not typically adjust any late fee, however, adjustments may be considered on a case-by case basis. Developer or merchant builder property owners must pay a two percent late penalty for delinquent installments. The penalty is prorated based upon a 30-day month, for the number of days which such delinquency existed, if paid by the tenth of the first delinquent month.