West Las Vegas Advisory Board

The West Las Vegas area is experiencing dynamic changes within its boundaries both positive and challenging.  The West Las Vegas area is centrally located within the city of Las Vegas and encompasses approximately 3.5 square miles, which is roughly 2.7 percent of the total land area of the city.  West Las Vegas is located north of U.S. 95, south of Carey Avenue and Lake Mead Boulevard, east of Rancho Drive, and west of Interstate 15. 

West Las Vegas has a long, proud history, but there is so much more that can be accomplished in the community.  Councilman Ricki Y. Barlow has pledged to develop this community through small business, mixed use communities, improved streetscape and community amenities.  As a result, the West Las Vegas Advisory Board has been created to assist with engaging citizen participation, make recommendations to various city departments and act as a liaison between the community and Councilman Barlow.

Through several community meetings, public service announcements and Councilman Barlow’s Web page a request was made for individuals that wanted to have a voice in the West Las Vegas community and serve on the West Las Vegas Advisory Board. Councilman Barlow then called on residents, business owners and the faith-based community to assist with the selection of individuals to represent the West Las Vegas Advisory Board. 

Councilman Barlow is proud to congratulate and introduce to the community the seven members of the West Las Vegas Advisory Board:

Chair: Kim Lyons
Vice-Chair: Anthony Harris
Secretary: Jennifer Ellis
Jamilla McMillan-Arnold
Juan Devarreau
Barbara Crockett
Lois Mack

Each of these individuals brings a wide range of skills, special interests and unique qualities that will assist in improving the quality of life in West Las Vegas. Please welcome your West Las Vegas Advisory Board as they begin to work toward achieving the community and Councilman Barlow’s vision of revitalizing the historic, proud and progressive West Las Vegas community.    

Contact Information

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Fax: (702) 382-8558

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