Ward 5 Accomplishments 2010

Here are some of the accomplishments for Ward 5 in 2010:

One of the major highlights of the year for Ward 5 came on Saturday, Sept. 18, when Martin L. King Boulevard was officially rededicated. Thousands of residents came out to celebrate not only the reopening of a street, but also a newly improved corridor that will add to the business activity and growth on the Historic West Side. Dubbed the “most beautiful Martin L. King Boulevard in the nation” by Councilman Barlow, the improved thoroughfare features the widening of the street from two to three lanes, extending from Symphony Park Avenue to Carey Avenue. The project also includes extensive utility relocation and the installation of curb, gutter, sidewalk and sidewalk ramps, storm drainage facilities, landscaped median islands and street lighting. New traffic signals were built at the Martin L. King and Symphony Park intersection and several other traffic signals were upgraded.

There were many other notable roadwork and capital projects in Ward 5 during 2010. Construction began in the Cultural Corridor along Las Vegas Boulevard to add a pedestrian bridge between the Las Vegas Natural History Museum and the Las Vegas Library. In addition, preliminary work got underway to create a trail in the Cultural Corridor. When complete, the trail will connect the Las Vegas Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement in downtown Las Vegas and the pedestrian bridge, and continue on to the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort. Work also progressed with the F Street reopening project. Several community workshops were held to get input on the design and color scheme.

Symphony Park, a 61-acre mixed-use urban community located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, continued to take shape in 2010. Significant progress has been made on the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, which will be the future home of the the Las Vegas Philharmonic and Nevada Ballet Theatre, and will provide a new location for touring theatrical and musical productions, including full-scale Broadway shows. Ward 5 also welcomed news that the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum will relocate to the Smith Center in late 2012. In May 2010, the iconic Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health opened its doors providing research for numerous neurodegenerative diseases.

New construction continued outside Symphony Park. One notable project was the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department headquarters on Martin L. King Boulevard and Alta Drive. Currently under construction, the three-building and multi-level garage complex will open in the summer of 2011. Work began on a project at Ed Fountain Park, which will create additional parking spots and plans for a new fire station at Stella Lake and Mt. Mariah drives got underway. Both projects are expected to begin construction in 2011.

Historic preservation is a priority in Ward 5 and several projects continued in 2010, ensuring that the colorful history of Las Vegas is continued. Efforts got underway to restore the historic Westside School. In March, past teachers and students celebrated the unveiling of a bronze plaque commemorating the school’s listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The city has also been coordinating the collection of historic documents and photographs gathered from the school, past teachers and students. Work also progressed swiftly on the Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, also known as the “Mob Museum.” In 2010, interior renovations continued and an event marked the 60th anniversary of the Kefauver hearings into organized crime, which were held in the courtroom of the historic post office and courthouse, which will serve as the location of the museum. Slated for completion in 2011, the Neon Museum also continued to see progress. The Neon Boneyard park was completed and work continued on the actual museum, which will be housed in the old La Concha Motel lobby.

Transportation in the area also got easier as the city worked with the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada to open the new Bonneville Transit Center. The sustainably designed building sits just blocks from the location of the under-construction City Hall, creating a hub for transportation and business activity.

Business development and job creation are also top priorities in Ward 5. Two major marks in this area came with the relocation of the city’s Development Services Center (DSC) and the opening of the business incubator in Enterprise Park. To make it easier to do business with the city, the DSC was relocated to 333 N. Rancho Drive in the heart of Ward 5. This move will make it easier for customers to do business with the city by bringing all services related to development to one location. The new DSC houses the departments of Building and Safety including fire prevention and code enforcement, Planning, Public Works including land development, Operations and Maintenance, and the City Engineer. Business Licensing is expected to move in the summer of 2011. The city also moved forward with its relationship with the Urban Chamber of Commerce, forging a partnership to foster the growth of the business incubator in Enterprise Park.

Even though the community and the country as a whole was reeling from a recession, Ward 5 continued to see tremendous business activity and job creation.

Downtown Las Vegas saw the entrance of numerous bars, nightclubs and cafes such as Azul Tequila, Vanguard Lounge, the Maharaja Hookah Café, Emergency Arts and The Beat Coffeehouse during 2010, continuing to make the area “the place to be.” Other restaurants continued to pop up in Ward 5 including Mundo at the World Market Center.

The ward saw many impressive renovations during 2010. The Gold Spike Hotel & Casino underwent a massive renovation to make it a unique boutique destination in downtown Las Vegas. In addition, The Gold Spike renovated an adjacent motel property to create The Oasis at the Gold Spike. The Golden Nugget also celebrated the addition of its new Rush Tower.

Business development and growth expanded beyond downtown Las Vegas to other areas of Ward 5 with the opening of such businesses as dd’s Discount, Rainbow Apparel and Ashley Furniture Store.

Ward 5 continued to see a surge in neighborhood activity in 2010.  Many Ward 5 schools and youth groups gave back to the community by participating in city-sponsored grant programs. Parents As Learning Support, or PALS, is a program that provides matching grants, which encourages partnerships between parents and school staff to enhance the learning environment for students. In 2010, more than $40,000 was awarded to programs at eight Ward 5 schools. The community match was valued at more than $135,000 for  nearly 20 projects that covered soccer teams, science fairs and family literacy nights, to name but a few. Another program, Youth neighborhood Association Partnership Program, or YNAPP, provides grants to community-minded youth who have a desire to improve and serve their communities. In 2010, seven Ward 5 groups received nearly $7,000 for projects ranging from a community garden to an annual conference to help prepare youth to be agents of change in their community.



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