Hiring Process FAQs

Thank you for your interest in employment with the city of Las Vegas. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our hiring process. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact the city of Las Vegas Department of Human Resources at (702) 229-6315.

How do I know what positions are available?
We post all job announcements on our employment web page. Job announcements are also posted outside of Human Resources located on the 2nd floor of City Hall, 495 S. Main St. at the corner of Main Street & Clark. Or you may call our job hotline at (702) 229-6346.

What is a job announcement?
The job announcement contains important information about the open position regarding salary, minimum qualifications, application deadlines, testing methods, and job duties. It is important that you read the job announcement thoroughly for each position in which you are interested.

How do I know if I qualify for a position?
The job announcement lists the minimum qualifications for the position. Minimum qualifications are the education or training, experience, license or certificates required. If you meet the minimum qualifications we encourage you to apply for that position.

What are minimum qualifications?
Minimum qualifications are the lowest level of education, training and experience you must meet or exceed in order to qualify for advancement through the process. They also include any licenses or certifications you must have at the time of application. Your application must clearly demonstrate that you meet the minimum qualifications for the position.

How do I apply for a position?
You must submit a city of Las Vegas employment application. You can download the application or obtain an application in person by visiting the Department of Human Resources. You can submit an online application for some of our positions. The job announcement will tell you if we are accepting online applications for a position.

Do I need to submit a separate application for each position that I would like to apply for?

Do I have to complete all sections of the application if I attach a resume?
Yes. A resume is not accepted in lieu of an application. A resume may be attached to the application but it may not be used as a substitute for completing any part of our application and will not be considered towards qualification determination.

What if I want to apply for a position that isn’t open?
We only accept applications for open positions. 

How many of my previous jobs should I put on my application?
Our policy requires that you account for your employment status for the last 10 years, including any gaps in employment. If you have experience beyond the last 10 years that is related to the job for which you are applying, it would be to your benefit to include that experience as well.

When is my application due?
All applications must be received by Human Resources no later than the filing deadline indicated on the job announcement. We “time stamp” each application as we receive it. Applications received after the deadline are not eligible for review.

What if I miss the application deadline?
Late applications will not be considered for review, even if they are postmarked prior to the closing date.

Some jobs announcements indicate “Open Until Filled” and do not have an application filing deadline. What does this mean?
We post a job “Open Until Filled” when we do not know how long it will take to obtain a sufficient number of applications. In this case, applications will be accepted until we have enough applications to process. When that occurs we will set a filing deadline and no applications will be accepted for that position after that deadline.

What happens to my application once it is submitted?
If your application is received by the filing deadline it will be reviewed by a recruitment analyst. Your application must be complete and demonstrate that you meet the minimum qualifications of the job for you to move forward in the process.

Can I make changes to my application after the deadline?
No. Additional information will not be accepted after the filing deadline. In addition, information regarding convictions can not be changed at all after the application has been submitted unless the conviction occurs after the date the application was submitted.

What happens if I submit my application on time and meet the minimum qualifications?
After the analyst has determined that you meet the minimum qualifications, you will be scheduled for the next step, which is normally employment testing. The method of testing differs for each recruitment. Testing information can be found on the job announcement. You will receive a notice by mail if you are selected to take an employment test. Some of our most common employment tests include multiple-choice exams, oral board exams, and performance tests.
Some of our employment tests are attached to the job announcement or application. These types of test are called Training and Experience Supplemental Assessments. Applicants are required to complete these tests and attach them to their application. If you meet the minimum qualifications for the position, an analyst will evaluate your supplemental assessment. The test is not used to determine if an applicant meets the minimum qualifications. You will receive the results of the test by mail.

Does the city of Las Vegas offer Veterans Preference Points?
Yes. Veterans with an honorable discharge, as indicated on their Form DD-214, are eligible to receive 5% of their test score added to their test score. The points are not added to scores below 70%. For example, a qualified veteran with a test score of 80% would receive 5% of that score added to the score. In this case, the final score would be 84% (80% x 1.05 = 84%). To qualify for veterans preference points an applicant must submit the “long form” copy of their DD-214 showing the character of service.

What is an eligible list?
All applicants who meet the requirements for the position, including passing any associated examination process are placed on the eligibility list for that job title, typically for a six-month period. Lists can be extended in six month increments up to a period of two years. The hiring department will use the list to select candidates for interviews.

How long does the recruitment process take?
Each recruitment is different. The process can take several weeks depending on the number of applications received, and the complexity of the selection process.

Will I get an interview?
Applicants on eligible lists may be called to a hiring interview based on their placement on the list. The hiring department reserves the right to call only the most qualified applicants to the hiring interview.

What is the interview process?
Applicants selected for interview will meet with representatives from the hiring department. Typically a hiring panel will conduct the interviews and evaluate candidates through a set of questions based on job-related requirements and departmental needs.

How soon will I be notified of interview results?
The time frames vary, but typically within two weeks of your interview.

Do I have to go through a background check if I am offered a job?
Yes. Employment with the city of Las Vegas is contingent on successful completion of education/experience verification, and a criminal history check.

Do I have to take a drug test if I am offered a job?
Yes. Employment with the city of Las Vegas is contingent on successful completion of a drug/illegal substance hair test.

Do I have to have a medical examination if I am offered a job?
For some positions employment is contingent upon the results of a physical examination administered by a physician.

What type of employee benefits does city of Las Vegas offer?
You can view information on employment benefits here.

Will I be considered for employment if I live out of state?
Yes. Please note the city of Las Vegas does not pay for travel costs associated with interviews or examinations. Travel to our offices for examinations and interviews is at your own expense.

Do I have to be a United States citizen to apply?
Only for law enforcement positions (per NAC 289.110b). For all other positions you must have the legal right to work in the United States.

Will the city of Las Vegas sponsor me for a work visa?
No. The city of Las Vegas does not sponsor work visas.

Contact Information

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Job Hotline: (702) 229-6346

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