June 2008 

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City Provides Assistance To Those Affected By Local Hepatitis Outbreak

Patients who were affected by the Hepatitis outbreak earlier this year will now have some added relief. A portion of the fines collected from local clinics is going to help uninsured and underinsured patients.

Gastroenterology Center of Nevada and Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada, LLC, held business licenses with the city of Las Vegas. A special City Council meeting was held on April 7, 2008, to consider a complaint for disciplinary action alleging violation of the Las Vegas Municipal Code and recommending revocation of the respondents’ licensure. At that hearing, the respondents tendered $500,000 to the City Council in return for the City Council accepting surrender of the business licenses. The Council accepted the $500,000 payment and surrender of licensure in lieu of revocation.

The City Council directed staff to allocate $161,000 of the fines to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department  to help organize and make available patient records. Another $239,000 was set aside for assistance to uninsured and underinsured patients. Great Basin Primary Care Association is providing services such as Hepatitis screening, Hepatitis A and B vaccinations and medical consultation, case management and course of treatment for those who test positive for Hepatitis C. The remaining $100,000 is being set aside for the District Attorney’s Office in the event that a complaint or indictment is filed against the clinics.

For more information including Great Basin Primary Care Association contact information and eligibility requirements, visit http://www.lasvegasnevada.gov/Find/13729.htm.

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