June 2008 

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City Continues With Sustainability Efforts

The city of Las Vegas is constantly looking for new ways to protect the quality of life for our current and future generations. These activities include numerous "green" efforts such as constructing new buildings to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, water conservation, recycling and greater energy efficiency, just to name a few. Read about some of the latest initiatives and how the city’s work is really paying off.

Energy Cost Savings
Beginning this month, the city will raise the temperature in City Hall by a degree or two, resulting in an anticipated savings of approximately $6,000 per month. Executive employees and others who wear suits and ties are being encouraged to adopt business casual attire so they can adjust to the change in temperature.

City Council Adopts Urban Forestry Initiative
Las Vegas may soon see a few new trees as the result of the Urban Forestry Initiative, which was recently approved by the City Council. The initiative’s goals include doubling the average tree canopy coverage to 20 percent by 2035 and working with existing and new partnerships to conduct research, secure funding resources and plant trees.

The effort will contribute to the city’s long-term sustainability as trees suitable for the desert clean the air, conserve energy, reduce the urban heat index, improve public health and increase property values.

Las Vegas Making Strides To Reduce Carbon Emissions
A new report Shrinking the Carbon Footprint of Metropolitan America released by the Brookings Institution ranks Las Vegas 18th in per capita carbon emission from transportation and residential energy. The report ranks the carbon footprints of the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas based on total metric tons of carbon emissions per capita in 2005. The ranking provides further evidence that Las Vegas is making strides to preserve the quality of life for current and future generations.

The complete report is available online at http://www.brookings.edu .

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