June 2008 

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City Council Names New Public Works Director

If you’ve ever wondered who has the daunting job of overseeing the planning, design, construction and maintenance of city public-use facilities, roadways and the traffic network, and wastewater and stormwater management for the city, you’re not alone. It’s a big job and the director of the Public Works Department is tasked with doing all of that and more.

The City Council recently approved the appointment of Jorge Cervantes to the position of Public Works director. Cervantes succeeded Charles Kajkowski who retired last month after nearly 36 years with the city.

Cervantes joined the city in 1998 as a project manager and held other positions through the years including assistant city traffic engineer and city engineer / deputy director. He is a civil engineer and was one of the first in Nevada to achieve Professional Traffic Operations Engineer certification from the Institute of Transportation Engineers in 2000. Cervantes is licensed as a professional engineer in Nevada and Texas. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration, both from the University of Texas at El Paso.

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