Gang Resources

There are more than 300 gangs represented in and around Las Vegas. Law enforcement agencies, school officials, city leaders, and various groups and organizations have been working hard to stop gang violence through intervention and prevention.

The city of Las Vegas is dedicated to helping the community in the fight against gangs. “Las Vegas Gangs: Not Our Kids!” hosted by Nancy Byrne is a special program that focuses on the gang problem in Las Vegas. The 30-minute special airs on Channel 2 and on the city’s Web site at The city also works closely with the Southern Nevada Community Gang Task Force, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department  and the community to combat gang activity. Below is a list of organizations that provide gang prevention and intervention services as well as other support services.

Resources from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Gang Free Pledge

Community Resource and Information Guide - Gangs, Graffiti and Youth

What Kids Can Do To Prevent Gang Violence - En Espanol

What Kids Can Do To Prevent Gang Violence - English

What You Need To Know - Kids And Gangs