January 2008 

In The Neighborhood

Corporate Challenge 2008 Kicks-Off In March

Do you have some great bowlers in your office or maybe some skilled badminton players? Then you may want to get your co-workers together to participate in Las Vegas Corporate Challenge, an annual “Olympics” that brings together thousands of participants from numerous area businesses to compete in more than 35 categories.

For 23 years, Corporate Challenge has been a healthy way for local companies and their employees to stay active in the community while adding a social component for those who want to sit on the sidelines and cheer on their colleagues. It promotes, enables and supports teamwork, company pride, corporate wellness and unity. Some of today’s most successful companies understand the real business benefits of being involved in corporate activities from an organizational perspective. Well-structured events are an excellent way to encourage initiative, reward the commitment of key staff, improve moral, inspire cooperation and team spirit, and supercharge future performance.

Throughout 12 weeks of competition, more than 20,000 players and spectators attend events in 35 categories. Events begin Wednesday, March 26, with the torch relay, executive relay and parade of banners and culminate with the presentation of awards at closing ceremonies on Saturday, June 14.

For further information on the event, including registration and a schedule, visit the Corporate Challenge Web page.

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