November 2007 

Holiday Happenings

Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Many things can make the holiday season a stressful one. From shopping and cooking to family visits and social events, it can be overwhelming.

To avoid the stress and depression that can come during the holiday season, it’s important to take some time to step back and re-evaluate the way you approach this joyous season.

  • Be realistic in your approach. Don’t try to do everything.
  • Be flexible with traditions. You may love all your old family traditions, but there may not be enough time to accomplish all of them. Ask family members to share in the responsibilities or decide which traditions can be skipped.
  • Be creative. Avoid the stressful shopping scene by using your creativity to make your own gifts. These gifts will be more personalized.
  • Be mindful of your budget. Extra costs can mean extra stress for many. Set a budget at the beginning of the holiday season and stick to it.
  • Be healthy. Try to adhere to your regular eating and exercise schedule. Don’t be tempted to eat and drink in excess just because it’s the holidays.
  • Be selfish and take a few minutes for yourself. Take a walk, enjoy a cup of coffee or just spend a few minutes without distractions.
  • Be organized. Make a list and prioritize your activities.
  • Be open to help and support. Don’t feel like you have to do it all yourself. Enlist friends and family to help with event planning and food preparation.
  • Be calm. Small conflicts can present themselves in parking lots, stores or even among family members. These will only raise your stress level. Let it go and enjoy the holiday season.
  • Be happy and enjoy all that the season has to offer.

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