November 2007 

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Completion Of U.S. 95 Widening Project Welcomes New Features To Valley Roadways

The near completion of the U.S. 95 widening project has given valley motorists something to smile about. The project is not only bringing smiles to the faces of valley motorists, but also a new addition to valley roadways - High Occupancy Vehicle, or HOV, lanes, which are scheduled to open shortly.

HOV lanes have been common in states such as California and Arizona for many years so many valley drivers are familiar with the concept. This dedicated lane, which is also referred to as a diamond lane because of the diamond marking on the pavement, accommodates vehicles that have two or more passengers, including the driver. On U.S. 95, the new HOV lane can be found between Rainbow and Martin Luther King Jr. boulevards.

HOV lanes reduce traffic congestion by reducing the number of vehicles traveling in the lane. It also encourages drivers to carpool, thereby creating air quality benefits.

Vehicles, including buses, motorcycles and cars, can utilize the HOV lane. In addition, human passengers of any age count toward the two-person requirement. Dogs, cats and other animals do not. Future congressional action may allow certain hybrid vehicles to travel in the HOV lane with only one occupant.

For more information on the new HOV lanes, contact NDOT .

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