The Mayor's
3-Point Plan:

get smart

get up

get out

Join the mayor in the quest to increase the livability of our great city by becoming a healthy and active community. The mayor encourages everyone to learn about the importance of diet and exercise and to take advantage of the many recreational opportunities offered by the city.

3-Point Plan to a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Get Smart: Learn about diet and nutrition, essential components to a healthy lifestyle and quality of life.

  • Get Up: Sedentary activities increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and obesity. Learn the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Get Out: Identify recreation center, parks and trails near you.


Contact Information

Department of Parks and Recreation
495 S. Main St.
Las Vegas, NV 89101 (Map)
Phone: (702) 229-PLAY (7529)
Fax: (702) 678-5858

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