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Parking Tickets

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Parking Ticket Fines and Late Fee Schedule
Below are some of the most common violations and their fine schedules.  It is important to make sure you respond to a parking violation in a timely manner in order to avoid late fees, registration holds, collections agency fees and potential immobilization.

Original Fine Late 1 (after 30 days) Late 2 (after 45 days) Total Due
$20 $20 $20 $60
Examples: expired meter, commercial vehicles, wrong direction, 18” from curb, overtime, double parking, too close to crosswalk, intersection, driveway, taxi zone
$35 $35 $35 $105
Examples:  no parking zone, red zone, hooded meter
$75 $75 $75 $225
Examples:  expired registration, abandoned vehicle, oversized vehicle
$250 $250 $250 $750
Examples:  no stopping/standing or parking, emergency parking only, fire lane, fire hydrant, handicapped parking


Contact Information
Parking Services Office
500 S. Main Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone: (702) 229-4700
TTY: (702) 386-9108
Fax: (702) 382-2309

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