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Appeal Your Parking Ticket

You may request to appeal your parking ticket in one of the three ways listed below. 
* If your appeal is for a ticket involving Registration Not Displayed or a Handicap infraction, please contact our office first to see if you qualify for any administrative reductions before you file your appeal.

Appealing your parking ticket must be completed in accordance to Las Vegas Municipal Code 11.10.080.  Anyone wishing to initiate a hearing in this manner shall be bound by the decision of the Hearing Officer concerning liability for the infraction(s) and responsibility for the penalties thereon.  Any person who is not the Registered owner of the vehicle cited will be requested to complete an Authorization Form allowing someone to file the appeal on their behalf.  If you are NOT the registered owner of the vehicle cited, you may download the Authorization Form here and attach it to your appeal. All appellants MUST provide a copy of their photo ID (attached to the online submission form) at the time of submitting the appeal. Any appeal requests that are incomplete or missing information will be Declined.  Please complete all requested fields thoroughly and completely. Appeals submitted more than 90 days after the original date of the citation will not be accepted.  Please do not pay your ticket if you are submitting an appeal until directed to do so by the Hearings Clerk or your decision letter. Making a payment prior to your appeal being heard will constitute acceptance of the violation and your Appeal Hearing will be cancelled.

Non-Appearance Appeals

  • You are not required to be present at the Parking Services Office to submit your appeal form.Submit your written appeal either online, by fax or email.  Include ALL evidence and a copy of your photo ID.
  • Notification of decision is by USPS first class mail and email if you wish.
  • Do NOT complete an appeal online or by fax/email if you wish to be present for the Appeal.
  1. Submit a Non-Appearance Appeal online.  Click here.
  2. Submit a Non-Appearance Appeal via fax or email. Download form

Appearance Appeals

  • You are required to be present at the Parking Services Office to submit your form, including any evidence you wish to provide, and your photo ID. You will be provided a hearing date and time.
  • If you fail to appear on your hearing date, a decision will be made based on the information supplied on your request form.
  • Notification of decision is provided at your hearing date.
  1. Submit an Appearance Appeal

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