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Fire & Rescue - Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions of Las Vegas Fire & Rescue:

For general information about Las Vegas Fire & Rescue such as how many fire stations does the department operate, how many units do we have, facts/figures, and statistical data, click here .

Where is Fire & Rescue Headquarters?  It is located downtown at 500 N. Casino Center Blvd.  You can access the main parking lot at 431-451 East Bonanza Road. Parking in the parking lot is by permit only – if you are visiting ANY Fire & Rescue property, request a parking permit when you arrive to avoid getting a parking citation. Fire Headquarters is open Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed Friday-Sunday and holidays.

How do I arrange for a tour of a fire station, have a fire engine visit my school or other public relations request?  Call (702) 229-0331 for all public information, education, and relations requests.

Fire Station Tours are available any day of the week between the hours 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.  You need to make an appointment by calling 229-0331.  You must call at least two weeks prior to the tour date for scheduling purposes.  Tours are subject to cancellation at a moment’s notice. Birthday parties are not permitted in fire stations.

Fire Truck Displays / Visits to Schools and other functions can be arranged by calling 702-229-0331. You must call no later than two weeks prior to the event. The event must be located inside the city of Las Vegas city limits.  The event can be arranged for any day of the week between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. We do not attend grand openings unless the theme is fire or life safety related. 

Does the department allow ride alongs?  Since Sept. 11, 2001, because of security and liability reasons, we no longer permit ride alongs with crews on Las Vegas Fire & Rescue apparatus.  If your request is in an official capacity to fulfill a research project for your department, please forward us a letter on your department letterhead from the chief of the department to Fire Chief Mike Myers for consideration.  Any ride along must be approved by the Fire Chief of Las Vegas Fire & Rescue and will be restricted to only very necessary fire service projects.

How can I become a Las Vegas Firefighter?  Hiring for firefighter for the city of Las Vegas is done by the city Human Resources department. All applications, notices, interviews, testing and other employee related services are performed by that department.  You should check their webpage on a regular basis to see if openings for firefighter become available.  Las Vegas Fire & Rescue does not take names for notification or interest cards.  Qualifications for the position of firefighter change from time to time and you should check with the city of Las Vegas Human Resources Department for current qualifications.

Does Las Vegas Fire & Rescue hire firefighters from other departments (lateral hires)?  All hiring is done by the city of Las Vegas Human Resources department; you should check with them for any potential for lateral hires.

What if I am interested in Communications or Fire Prevention employment?  Again, check with the city of Las Vegas Human Resources department; all qualifications and hiring for any city position is conducted by that department.

I recently completed testing for firefighter and have not heard back. Who should I call? All calls concerning employment, application, or testing process are handled by the city of Las Vegas Human Resources department.

How do I get a copy of a fire or medical report?  Click here  for instructions on how to obtain a copy of a report. 

What do I have to do for a records search for a property to see if any hazardous materials or fire code violations exist?  Click here   for information.

How do I obtain a Las Vegas Fire & Rescue patch or t-shirt?  Patches, t-shirts, ball caps and other items are on sale in the front lobby of fire headquarters downtown at Fire Station One during normal business hours. We do not accept orders by e-mail or U.S. Mail nor send out merchandise.  These items are available on the Internet by the Las Vegas Firefighters Benefit Association . Please visit their website at  for more information.

How can I make arrangements for a fire safety class for businesses or for a speaker from the fire department? Call (702) 229-0331or click here .

How do I find out which fire station is closest to my home or business? Click here.

Can I call my local fire station directly or contact firefighters directly? Phone numbers and e-mail addresses to fire stations are not released to the public. Please call (702) 383-2888 for more information or e-mail us. Calls and/or e-mails are handled during normal business hours.

Are barbecues permitted in apartment or condominium complexes?  Barbecues must be at least ten feet from any structure or wall. They are not permitted underneath an overhang of any sort (like a balcony cover) and barbecues are not permitted higher than ground level. In condominium complexes, check with your condominium association rules and regulations.  If they are permitted, the rules listed above apply. A complete list of rules, regulations and policies concerning barbecues and fireplaces, click here .

Are fireworks permitted in the city of Las Vegas? Only Safe-N-Sane fireworks are permitted during June 27-July 4 of each year.  At all other times of the year, all types of fireworks are illegal including Safe-N-Sane. Fireworks that explode, fly through the air or twirl on the ground uncontrollably are illegal at all times of the year.

Can the water from a fire hydrant be used for special events or construction work? To use a fire hydrant for any purpose other than for emergency fire incidents, you must obtain a permit from the Las Vegas Valley Water District . Use of a fire hydrant without a permit is considered theft of water.

What edition of the Fire Code is adopted by the city of Las Vegas? Where can I find information about city fire codes? The city of Las Vegas has adopted the International Fire Code 2009 edition. In conjunction with the base fire code, the Southern Nevada Fire Code Consensus amendment package with specific city of Las Vegas modifications was adopted.  The Southern Nevada Fire Code Amendment package is a regional Fire Code and adopted standards consensus document for the Southern Nevada Fire Departments.  (Las Vegas Fire & Rescue,  Clark County Fire Department, Henderson Fire Department and North Las Vegas Fire Departments). 

For further information about the adopted Fire Code or adopted standards, please contact the Fire Prevention division at 229-0336.

I recently had a fire/smoke alarm system installed in my home by a fire/burglar alarm company. Does the fire department respond to these alarms, if not – why?  Smoke alarms in residential units, like homes, trailers or apartments, are designed to notify the occupants of smoke in the building and to evacuate immediately.  They are not designed to notify the fire department. Only alarm systems that have been installed, maintained and operate in accordance with city Fire Code (NFPA 72) that requires  plan submittal and review by the city, city permits, an inspection by fire prevention personnel, specific programming, scheduled maintenance/service agreements  and is registered with the Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Fire Prevention Division will be answered with a fire equipment response. This is routinely done for warehouses, schools, hospitals, stores and other large or specific buildings, which are required by fire code to have such an alarm. For all other properties, including residential properties fire alarm systems that notify the fire department are not required by fire code, you must call 9-1-1 directly and report the emergency.

I am interested in attending the Citizens Fire Academy.  How do I apply or how to I obtain more information?  The Citizens Fire Academy makes applications available on Dec. 1 of each year for the academy that starts the next February. Check this website for updated information during November of each year.

If I want to report a fire hazard, unsafe condition or possible fire code violation, what should I do?  You can call (702) 229-0336 or click here .

My children are playing with matches and/or lighters, is there someone who can tell them the dangers of it?  Contact the public education & information officer at (702) 229-0145 for more details.

Does the fire department offer CPR or First Aid Classes for the community?  Las Vegas Fire & Rescue offers “Hands Only CPR” training for free. Call (702) 229-0331 for details. It is recommended that people learn the entire CPR class, which is available through the Southern Nevada Chapter of the American Red Cross   at (702) 791-3311 or the American Heart Association at 1-877-AHA-4CPR.
For information concerning fire permit requirements / fee schedule, click here .

I have a problem with bees.  Does the fire department exterminate or take the bees away?  The fire department handles bee calls only in the event of a life threatening emergency such as a bee attack or rescue. Bees are considered pests in the state of Nevada and should be handled by a licensed exterminator. Contact information can be found in the local Yellow Pages under “Bee Removal Service” or “Pest Services” or please call (702) 229-2000 to listen to a two-minute recording on bee situations.

List of Frequently Called Numbers:

Main business number:  (702) 383-2888
Fire Chief’s Office:  (702) 383-0323
Fire Prevention Division:  (702) 229-0336
Fire – Public Education & Information Office:  (702)229-0331
Fire – Public Information Officer / Media Requests:  (702)303-2993
Incident / Media Update Line:  (702)229-0424
Honey Bee Information Hotline:  (702)229-2000
Fax: (702) 384-1667







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