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Wednesday, February 26, 2014
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Several People Stung By Bees At Apartment Complex
No One Was Taken To The Hospital


Several people were stung by bees at a northwest Las Vegas apartment complex early Tuesday afternoon.  At least three people received several stings, but they refused to be taken to the hospital.  A number of other people, including firefighters received one or two stings. 

Fire dispatchers received calls at 1:51 p.m. that three people had been stung at the Paradiso Apartments, 2701 N. Rainbow Boulevard.  When firefighters arrived on scene, they were told the three people were inside one of the apartments.  Numerous bees, which seemed to be aggravated, were flying all around the parking lot of the complex on the south side.  Some people who were not aware of what was going on that were entering or leaving their apartment were also stung, including firefighters that arrived on scene. 

People were told to stay inside their apartments and other people remained in their cars.  The three people that were stung refused to be taken to the hospital.  Apartment management was advised by fire & rescue to respond an exterminator to handle the situation.  Two trucks arrived a short time later as the bees were calming down. 

Apartment management advised the exterminators would handle the situation.

This time of year is when the bee swarming season begins.  Already a number of people have reported increased bee activity including swarms.  Swarms of bees are usually passive and pose no problem.  They are bees that are migrating and moving from one location to another.  Bees that have an active hive are the most dangerous and when they sense danger due to loud noises, vibrations or invasion of their hive, the will sting aggressively attempting to make the intruder leave the area.

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue responds to bee incidents when people are being stung by bees or are suffering a medical condition due to being stung.  LVFR does not exterminate bees; that must be done by a professional, licensed exterminator.

E43, R43,42, EMS1, PIO1
Incident: 4052935


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