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Friday, December 20, 2013
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Elderly Couple Suffers Smoke Inhalation During House Fire
Fire Investigators Determined House Was Set On Fire Intentionally


Two elderly ladies suffered minor smoke inhalation after their home caught fire early Friday morning.  The women were rescued by Metro Police officers and treated by LVFR paramedics on scene and released.  LVFR fire investigators determined that someone intentionally set the house on fire while the women were inside. 

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police received a call from the two women that live together in the one-story house at 4:40 a.m. that they could see a shadow of someone running around the outside of the house, they believed it was a prowler.  They also told 9-1-1 dispatchers they could smell gasoline.

Several Metro units were responding to the prowler call, and as they approached the scene, they could see fire coming out a bedroom window of the house at 5800 Carmen Boulevard (Jones/Vegas) and radioed for assistance from Las Vegas Fire & Rescue.

Three Metro officers arrived on scene and saw the flames coming out of the front bedroom window and also the front yard was on fire.  One officer used a fire extinguisher to put the fire out on the front lawn.  Through the windows three other officers could see the shadows of the two women still inside the house.  They banged on the front door yelling for the women to open the front door, which also had a steel bar security door.  The officers used a pry bar to force open the front doors and escorted the two women out.  They took the two ladies to a house across the street for shelter.  As the women were being brought out, they told the Metro officers that they believed a young woman was in the room that was on fire.  The officers went to the bedroom, but found it locked.  They forced open the door and found heavy and smoke inside and used a fire extinguisher on it, but it had no affect.  They all evacuated.

As the officers were coming out of the house, firefighters from Las Vegas Fire & Rescue arrived on scene and quickly entered the home with a fire hose and had the fire out in two minutes.

Firefighters searched the home several times and could not find anyone else inside the house.

The two women were treated for minor smoke inhalation while in the neighbor’s home by fire paramedics.  The women refused to be taken to the hospital.

LVFR fire investigators determined that the fire was intentionally set by using gasoline and two fire bombs (commonly referred to as Molotov cocktails).  One was burning in the yard; another was thrown into the house.  Gasoline was also poured elsewhere on the property.

Fire investigators determined that the two elderly women that live in the home were not the target of the incident.  A younger woman was staying with the two women temporarily, she does not live there.  Police and fire investigators believe the young woman was the target and the incident is the result of an ongoing domestic dispute the woman has been involved with.  She was not at the scene during the incident and currently her whereabouts are unknown.  Police and fire investigators are attempting to locate her.

The fire was confined to the bedroom which was gutted.  The rest of the house has light smoke damage to it.  Damage was estimated at $25,000. 

The American Red Cross is assisting to two elderly ladies.

There were no injuries to first responders on the scene.

The incident remains under active investigation.

E,43,44,3,5, T3, R43, HR44, EMS1, AR1, B4,1, PIO1, 6i2, 6i7, 6i10
Incident: 3330000


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