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Tuesday, November 12, 2013
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Fire & Rescue

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Another Fire In Downtown Vacant Building
There Were No Injuries With Today’s Fire


For the second time in 24 hours, Las Vegas firefighters responded to the former Fremont Assisted Living Center building downtown for two fires Saturday morning.  Both fires were extinguished quickly. There were no injuries reported.

Fire dispatchers received a number of calls at 3:56 a.m. that smoke was coming from the three-story vacant building at 100 S. 14th St.

When firefighters arrived on scene, they found a fire on the outside of the building at a rear door.  As they were putting the fire out, several people were seen leaving the building from another door.  As firefighters put that fire out, smoke continued to come out of the building.  Firefighters entered the building and found another fire inside in what use to be the cafeteria.  That fire was also put out quickly.

As firefighters searched the building for any occupants and any other fires, they found one man sleeping and advised him to get out.  The man said he was asleep and not aware of the fire in the building.  He said firefighters woke him and he found the room filled with light smoke.  He said if had not been for the firefighters he might have died. 

Today’s two fires caused approximately $500 damage.  The cause of the fires is undetermined and remains under investigation.

A board up company was on scene after the fire reapplying plywood to doors and windows in an attempt to keep people out.

There were no injuries to first responders during the incident.

E4,1,201,10, T1, R204, EMS1, CB8, AR1, B1,5, PIO1, 6i3, 6i5, 6i6
Incident: 3292525

You can use the same video from yesterday, today’s set up was the same. Video Available at:  (fire on Nov 8)
Video credit: Las Vegas Fire & Rescue


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