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Tuesday, October 22, 2013
For Immediate Release

Contact: David Riggleman
Telephone: 229-6501


City Of Las Vegas And Nevada Youth Soccer Association Agree On Terms Relating To Future Soccer Tournaments
Agreement Creates Greater Equity And Cost Recovery


The city of Las Vegas met with representatives from Nevada Youth Soccer Association (NYSA) this afternoon. As a result of the meeting, the city will create a standard agreement for all soccer tournaments on city fields beginning in January. The agreement creates equity amongst the various clubs wanting to use the fields, and at the same time allows the city to do a better job of recovering costs for the use of those fields. The agreement will include new rate structures that will see the city recovering up to 20 percent of gross revenues from tournaments. The city also will have the opportunity to have a financial audit of each tournament. There will also be a new lighting fee because electricity is such a large part of field use. The city was looking to make sure that all parties wanting to use city fields had a fair opportunity for access to the fields for practice, league play and tournaments.

The date of the Heat FC Soccer Club tournament, which had been a sticking point among the various soccer organizations, will be March 7-9, 2014, but Heat FC will eliminate another tournament date.

“This was a very productive meeting and both the city and NYSA shared information that impacts the soccer community and the city’s cost recovery of our fields,” said City Manager Betsy Fretwell. “This new agreement will ensure more equity among the teams and create more transparency in the financial matters of the tournaments.”

Both the city and NYSA agreed to continue the dialogue and work together regarding the future access to city fields for practice, league play and tournaments.

Lisa Mayo-DeRiso, who represents NYSA, added, “I appreciate the city’s willingness to sit down and work out the variety of issues in scheduling so many local tournaments. These tournaments are beneficial to the youth as well as our local economy and it was important for us to find a fair solution for all involved.”


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