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Wednesday, October 02, 2013
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City Of Las Vegas Continues To Make Improvements To Business Development Process
Changes Approved Today Will Reduce Time It takes Developers To Get Projects Approved


The city of Las Vegas continues to make improvements to the development process to reduce the time it takes for developers to get approvals for their projects.

The City Council approved a bill today that amends that code that relates to the submission of tentative maps, which currently requires 14 days between zoning approvals and approvals of the tentative map. Zoning requests and the Tentative Map will now run concurrently, for final action before the City Council, which eliminates the 14 day waiting period and ultimately saves the developer 30 days.

This is just one of the ways that the city is making it easier to do business in the city of Las Vegas.

Most recently, in June, the city of Las Vegas became the first government agency in Nevada to accept land-use applications and plans online, greatly streamlining the development process. This includes General Plan Amendments, rezoning requests, site plan reviews, variances, special use permits and more.

Residents, engineers and architects can now go through the entire zoning process from their computer, rather than coming down to the Development Services Center located at 333 N. Rancho Drive. Customers no longer have to submit multiple sets of plans, saving them time and money. Plans and applications can now be processed immediately, allowing for simultaneous reviews among departments and speeding the review process.

Future plans are to have the mapping process, civil plans, engineering plans and building permits available for submittal and review online.

Streamlining the development process is part of the city’s major effort to make it easier to do business in Las Vegas. In 2011, the city opened the Development Services Center, providing a “one-stop shop” for the development community. The Planning Department, Building & Safety Department, Land Development, City Engineer, Fire Prevention, Public Works and Operations & Maintenance administrations, and Business Licensing are all located in the building. Consolidation of these numerous departments into one facility was a recommendation that came from a review of the city’s development services process. This process includes obtaining permits and other documents needed during the planning and building process.


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