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Wednesday, July 24, 2013
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Contact: Diana Paul
Telephone: 229-6501


Las Vegas City Council Approves Contract With LV.Net To Provide Free WiFi Access To Open Areas Of Downtown
Contract Is First Step In Providing Free Network For Downtown Users


The Las Vegas City Council today approved a contract with LV.Net to allow the company to install equipment on the city’s street poles and rights-of-way to create a network for free WiFi in the open areas of downtown.

LV.Net will build a system that will allow for free WiFi in open areas of downtown, the first zone which is Grand Central Parkway, Bonanza Avenue, 8th Street and Charleston Boulevard. There is no cost to the city or users for this service. This agreement with LV.Net will establish administration, support and governance in the operation of free WiFi services.

The initial phase of the WiFi is designed for laptop, tablet and iPad users, bringing internet access to devices that may not otherwise have it. The WiFi will offer speeds of 1mb download and 500k upload, allowing people to browse the net, read email, etc.

Future plans to enhance the network will expand coverage areas and make improvements for smart phone users.

Users will see the SSID: clv_free_ at then location name where each radio is located .

The city of Las Vegas uses standard filtering methods to ensure security of the WiFi network, and will not collect personal information.


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