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Monday, July 08, 2013
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Fourth of July Holiday Overview
There Were No Significant Fires In The City During The Holiday


Just like last year’s Fourth of July holiday, there were no significant building fires in the city during the holiday Thursday. Nonetheless, Las Vegas firefighters were kept quite busy as they responded to 412 incidents, which is nearly twice the normal pace.

Dispatchers in the Fire Alarm Office were also kept very busy during the holiday. On average they handle 731 emergency incidents a day, yesterday they handled 1,031. The Fire Alarm Office receives emergency fire and medical 9-1-1 calls for Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and unincorporated Clark County and dispatches appropriate fire and medical units.

The majority of the calls in the city of Las Vegas consisted of “outside fire” calls which are grass, brush and trees. It is assumed that most of the approximately 80 calls were started by fireworks. Many of the calls were for palm trees on fire. Burning palms rain down burning embers which can start numerous other fires in yards, brush and buildings. Some palm tree fires needed several units to respond to assist with the burning embers last night.

A few homes received minor damage when trash cans or brush started on fire next to the house. None of the fires were significant or caused displacement or injuries.

One person was taken to the hospital by LVFR Paramedics when a firework exploded in their face. It was the only significant injury of the evening.

The busiest period of activity was 8 to 11 p.m.

Units were busy in all parts of the city last night; highest activity was near the downtown and westside of the city.

In addition to the Fourth of July fire calls, firefighters were also kept busy with typical emergency medical responses during the period including heat related incidents.



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