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Monday, July 01, 2013
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Fire & Rescue

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Fireworks Go On Sale Today At Area Booths
The Use of Safe-N-Sane Fireworks Also Permitted For Next Seven Days


            Starting today, Safe-N-Sane fireworks will be available for sale at 117 permitted firework booths in the city of Las Vegas.They will be available until 11:59 p.m. on the Fourth of July. 

            People can also use the fireworks during the same period. At midnight July 5, all fireworks including Safe-N-Sane, will be illegal for use or possession.

            Booths are expected to open slowly during the day with most open by evening and over the weekend.  Las Vegas Fire Inspectors will be out today and tomorrow to ensure that booth operators have their booth in compliance with the code.  Booth operators had to attend a mandatory operations and safety class in the past few weeks. 

            Booths are operated by non-profit organizations.  They are only permitted to sell Safe-N-Sane fireworks that were approved for sale and use by a committee made up of all the fire departments in Southern Nevada.  Safe-N-Sane fireworks are the type that do not fly through the air, explode or twirl on the ground.  But it should be remembered they are still a firework and should only be used by adults.  Safe-N-Sane fireworks, as all fireworks, have the potential to start a fire and cause injury to people or animals.  Extreme caution should be used when setting off fireworks.

Here are some other safety tips concerning fireworks:

Only Safe-N-Sane fireworks are permitted to be used during the Fourth of July holiday period,  Friday, June 28 until 11:59 p.m. Thursday, July 4.  At all other times of the year, ANY TYPE of firework is illegal to posses or use.

Safe-N-Sane fireworks are those that have been approved by a committee made up of fire prevention personnel from Southern Nevada. 

Safe-N-Sane fireworks will be sold in approved booths operated by non-profit groups.  Fireworks booth operators have received training from the fire departments and had to obtain a permit for operation.  The booth must be inspected by a fire inspector prior to opening.

Fireworks booths must be attended at all times while fireworks are stored in the booth.  When the booth is closed for the day, the fireworks must be taken out and returned to the fireworks vendor.  Operators are not permitted to take the fireworks to a place of business or residential property overnight.

Illegal Fireworks are those that fly through the air, explode or spin on the ground.  These fireworks have not been approved by the fireworks committee and are considered dangerous. 

Fireworks should be used on a flat, firm surface such as the ground or a driveway.

Stay away from bushes, grasses, trees or anything else that might catch fire.  Stay away from vehicles and buildings.

Have a bucket of water and/or garden hose available for use in case of a fire.

There should be a responsible adult present when fireworks are being used.

After the firework has been used (spent), it should be picked up with a shovel and dropped into a bucket of water to soak for several hours before being discarded in the trash.  Numerous garage fires have occurred over the years because spent fireworks were put into the trash without being soaked.

“Duds” or fireworks that did not go off after being lit should be picked up with a shovel and dropped into a bucket of water to soak.  Do NOT try to relight it.

Fireworks are NOT permitted to be used in buildings.

Fireworks are NOT permitted to be used on streets, in any parks, on city or school district property.

Fireworks are NOT permitted on federal property at any time, which includes all parks and recreational areas including Lake Mead, Mount Charleston, Spring Mountains and Red Rock.

Children should NOT be permitted to hold sparklers.  The hot wire can cause third degree burns, sparks have the potential to cause a serious eye injury and can start clothing on fire.

Fireworks should only be used by adults, just like matches and lighters.  Children should never be permitted to use/play with fireworks.

Put pets inside buildings and secure them during the holiday period.  Many pets run away from home during the holiday period because they are frightened by the fireworks.

Fire Prevention during the holiday period.  Keep your property clean and free of trash.  Cut back on brush and remove dead palms or leaves which can catch fire easily by fireworks.

Keep a bucket of water and garden hose ready in case a fire does start on your property.

In case of fire, use the bucket of water or garden hose to douse the flames if the fire is small.  If the fire gets too large or is out of control, remove all people and pets from the area to a safe place and call 9-1-1.

DO NOT CALL 9-1-1 TO REPORT ILLEGAL FIREWORKS, call 3-1-1 instead.  9-1-1 should only be used to report EMERGENCIES such as a fire or injuries.

Do not store fireworks after the holiday period; they should be used before 11:59 p.m. on the Fourth of July.

Safe-N-Sane Fireworks should not be considered as a toy or novelty.  They have the potential to cause damage and injury just like illegal fireworks.  Fire is associated with all fireworks and it can get out of control in just seconds.  Extreme care needs to be used when using fireworks.  



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