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Tuesday, January 22, 2013
For Immediate Release
Fire & Rescue

Contact: Tim Szymanski
Telephone: 303-2993


Two Morning Fires Under Investigation
Both Fires Occurred Within Blocks Of Each Other


        Las Vegas firefighters responded to two separate building fires, off North Decatur Boulevard this morning. Both residences were vacant at the time of the fire. There were no reported injuries at either incident.

        Firefighters first responded to 713 Princeton Street (N. Decatur/W. Washington) at 1:15 Sunday morning. Firefighters found the fire outside on the rear of a small one-story house. Firefighters had the fire out within a few minutes and prevented the fire from entering the house. The house is vacant. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Damage was estimated at $10,000

        Firefighters later responded to the Diamond Head Apartments at 1799 N. Decatur Blvd. (N. Decatur/W. Vegas) at 6:50 a.m. Firefighters found a fire on the outside balcony of a downstairs apartment in a two-story wood frame/stucco apartment building. The building was quickly evacuated as firefighters extinguished the fire. 

        Fire was confined to the balcony which also has a small outside laundry room. There was slight smoke to the apartment directly above. Fire damage was limited to the balcony/laundry room area of the apartment on the first floor. Damage was estimated at $75,000.

        No one was home at the time of the fire. One adult and two children live in the apartment; they will be displaced.

        In both cases passer-bys and neighbors called in the fires with reports of heavy flames and a column of smoke showing.

        Both incidents remain under investigation.


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