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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
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Contact: Tim Szymanski
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Halloween Safety Tips
Adult Supervision Is Key To Keeping Children Safe


Here are some Halloween safety tips from Las Vegas Fire & Rescue:

• Use flashlights or electronic candles for decorations.  Electronic candles are inexpensive and do not have a flame that can cause a fire.

• Keep children away from any open flame. 

• Choose costumes that do not cause a trip hazard.

• Make sure children can see clearly if wearing a mask.

• Have children stay on the pavement such as driveways and sidewalks at all times.  Do not cut across yards or lawns, as hidden trip dangers may be present.

• Everyone should carry some type of lighted device such as a flashlight or glow stick.  Reflective bands or tape are also good, to make sure children can be seen.

• Cross streets carefully.  Stop and look both directions before crossing.  Adult supervision is recommended when children are crossing the street. Do not cross the street between parked vehicles.

• In the home, make sure all exits are clear of any obstacles or decorations in case of an emergency.

• Test your smoke alarm to make sure it is operational before trick or treaters visit.

• Stay together in groups if possible with adult supervision.  Someone in the group should also have a cellphone to call for help in the event of an emergency.


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