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Sunday, August 26, 2012
For Immediate Release

Contact: Tim Szymanski
Telephone: 303-2993


Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Firefighters To Walk With Children To School
Firefighters Will Introduce Look, Listen and Live


On the first morning of school of the Clark County School District within the city of Las Vegas, Las Vegas firefighters will be walking with children and crossing the street at approximately 50 schools.  The firefighters will offer advice to the children on how to walk to school and cross the street safely.  Firefighters will not be crossing guards; they will be walking with students and parents and following the directions of crossing guards. 

MEDIA NOTE:  If you need a sound bite, Fire PIO Tim Szymanski will be located at Richard Bryan Elementary School at the Cielo Vista and Biscayne Hills (northwest in Summerlin) school crosswalk at  7:15 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Monday August 27, 2012 – The morning of the first day of school for Clark County School District.

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue is a community partner and concerned with risk prevention and safety, especially with children involved.  With an increased number of children involved in auto-pedestrian accidents, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue will be launching the “Look, Listen, and Live” campaign.
The purpose of the program is to educate Clark County School District elementary school students on the importance of crossing the street safely.

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue personnel will be deployed at approximately 50 elementary schools within the city of Las Vegas.

With the assistance of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Crossing Guards, LVFR Firefighters will be walking with children crossing the street explaining to them the importance of looking for traffic, listening to the crossing guard and for cars, and crossing the street safely.

Talking Points for LVFR Personnel and Students
• Use the sidewalk.
• Use marked crosswalks whenever possible.
• Look both ways but also in front and behind for cars.
• Make eye contact with drivers who are approaching.
• Don’t be a distracted walker – turn off headphones, put away the cell phone, and pay attention when crossing the street.
• Walk – don’t run – across a street.
• Always follow directions given by the crossing guard


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