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Thursday, May 17, 2012
For Immediate Release

Contact: Diana Paul
Telephone: 229-6501


KCLV Channel 2 Now Broadcast In High Definition
City’s Television Station Believed To Be One Of The First Government Access Channels In The Nation To Be Carried In HD


        Starting today, KCLV Channel 2, the city’s government access television station, will be broadcast in high definition (HD) to CenturyLink customers. KCLV is believed to be one of the first government access stations in the nation to be broadcast on cable in the HD format. CenturyLink customers can view KCLV in HD at Channel 1002. KCLV will also continue to be carried on Channel 2 in standard format.

        Like commercial television stations, eventually all television programming will be broadcast in HD. The city was able to easily make this transition as it moved into a new City Hall recently. CenturyLink customers with access to the HD tier will notice a higher quality picture from KCLV, as they are accustomed to on other HD channels.

        “The city of Las Vegas and Channel 2 have always tried to be on the cutting edge of technology, and being carried in high definition goes along with that effort,” said Communications Director David Riggleman. “We thank the team at CenturyLink for having the vision to allow Channel 2 to be carried in HD.”

        Currently, customers of CenturyLink are the only cable subscribers who can view KCLV in HD.


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